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Ronda Rousey Plans A Girl's Weekend

Ronda Rousey hosts a get together at her cabin. Sonya Deville isn't too excited about the trip, especially after their Twitter feud.

Natalya and Deville arrive at the airport. They are on their way to Rousey's cabin. Deville is digging Rousey's farm, since she grew up on a farm herself. Rousey isn't too happy that Deville is chasing her chickens.

Rousey, Natalya and Deville all go on a walk. Deville isn't feeling it since it's snowing outside and it's cold. Rousey tells the ladies her thoughts on the apocalypse. Natalya is curious to know what other beliefs Rousey has.

The ladies all practice their archery skills. Deville is having a hard time at it. Afterward, they have a competition on who can shovel snow the fastest. Natalya feels that Deville and Rousey's competition among each other is too much. She thinks that they should all have a good time and not compete so much on this trip.

The next day, the ladies play pool and put a bet on it. Whoever loses has to get chest chopped. Deville and Natalya win, so Rousey gets chest chopped by Natalya.

That same day, Natalya thinks that Rousey's dog does not like her. So, she decides to put peanut butter on her pants to get the dog to warm up to her. Deville is disgusted, but can't help but watch the chaos unfold. Rousey can't help but laugh about it. She says her dog loves her no matter what!

Later on, Rousey and Natalya have a heart-to-heart about her character and how she doesn't want to be portrayed as a mean person outside of the WWE. Natalya understands, but says that Rousey needs to learn how to balance her on-stage/off-stage persona.

Nia Jax Models For The Birdiebee Clothing Line

Paige and Nia Jax are going to model for the Bella Twin's fashion line, Birdiebee. They, along with the Bellas, go out for a nice dinner. Jax announces that she has no ACL in her knee. Brie reminds her that her health comes first and to not rush her in-ring return. After dinner, the ladies all head to the bar. Jax tells Nikki how happy she is that she found a new man. She says she looks happier than she did before.

Jax and Nikki have a private chat before the fashion show. Jax tells Nikki that she has lost herself. Since she travels so much and has to portray her character all day every day, she doesn't know who she is anymore. Nikki tells her that she needs to step away for a bit and that it's ok to do so. She believes that while Jax is recovering from her injury, she'll have more time to focus on who she is and who she wants to be outside of the WWE.

The next day after the show, Jax goes over to Nikki's house. She tells the twins how much she misses them. She vents to them about how isn't close to anyone since they left. They reassure her that once she starts to feel better, she won't be so upset about everything. In the meantime, they tell her to relax and heal.

Carmella Ditches The Girl's Trip

Carmella ditches the get together at Rousey's cabin to hang out with Corey Graves. He flies out to Florida to spend some time with her.

Deville knows that Carmella isn't coming. Deville wishes that she was there so she can see first hand how awkward this get together has been.

At lunch, Graves asks Carmella if she would ever move to the New England area. She says that she would if their relationship progressed. During their discussion, Natalya calls. Carmella tells her that she is at home and is having flight issues. Graves doesn't understand why Carmella won't just say that she doesn't want to go to Rousey's cabin.

The next day, Carmella and Graves are out on the beach. Graves asks Carmella if she could lie to her friends about not going to her friend's event, how does he know she will never lie to him about anything in the future. Carmella feels guilty so she calls up the girls and explains why she didn't come to the cabin. Rousey understands completely. Natalya says that she is going to give Carmella a little chest chop for lying (jokingly). After their talk, Carmella feels relieved.

Rousey and Deville Patch Things Up

At the end of the episode, the ladies go for a run outside. After their workout, Rousey apologizes to Deville about their fight online. She tells Deville its all part of her character. Deville knew it was her character speaking, but wanted to speak to her in person to verify it.

That concludes this week's episode. Thanks for watching!