Despite being 22 years old, Tyler Bate has accomplished quite a lot in his pro wrestling career. He won the WWE UK Championship at 19 making him the youngest singles champion in WWE history and has since added an NXT tag team title.

Bate talked about joining the WWE and NXT UK at a young age during an interview with Catch Club.

“I was very excited but at the same time very curious because there wasn’t really anything set in stone of what we were going to be doing,” said Bate. “NXT UK didn’t exist. It was just a whole bunch of British guys getting signed all at once and going into the unknown. And just kind of improvising our way through WWE, and just hoping that one day the hard work pays off.”

Bate won his NXT tag team championship alongside Trent Seven and he says he has another goal with Seven that he wants to accomplish in NXT UK.

“As far as NXT UK goes, Trent and I still have to get the NXT UK Tag Team Titles. I feel like that’s something we should propably get done, since I like to think of us as pioneers of NXT UK,” stated Bate. “So i feel like it would only be right if one day we held the NXT UK tag titles and maybe we would be the first team to hold both NXT and NXT UK tag team titles.”

Bate has wrestled a couple of NXT shows in the US but is still based in the UK. He was asked about potentially moving to the US full time to join either Raw, SmackDown or NXT.

“I’m always open to the idea. But I feel like at the moment, I have so much left to give to NXT UK that I want to be able to give as much to NXT UK as I can before I move on to NXT or RAW or Smackdown,” stated Bate.

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