- Above is a promo for new WWE Network content premiering this winter, including WWE Survivor Series, WWE TLC, a new WWE 365 episode on Seth Rollins, and a new WWE 24 documentary on WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus. There will also be new episodes of WWE Chronicle, Table For 3, Ride Along, and Untold.

- There was talk going into last night's WWE SmackDown from Buffalo that Triple H would be running the show due to the travel debacle coming out of Saudi Arabia. Vince McMahon and his crew left the Kingdom on his own plane before things got bad, but it was still being reported that Triple H would be in charge at the KeyBank Center in Buffalo.

While Triple H was a "key driver" in the WWE NXT Superstar segments, this was "a Vince show" as usual, according to Dave Meltzer on Twitter. Meltzer noted that Triple H came up with the main strategy but Vince approved it, just like he approves it every week. It was also noted that Vince re-wrote and re-booked the show when it was confirmed that top SmackDown Superstars would be missing the show, and that NXT Superstars would need to be flown in from Florida.

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- Speaking of last night's show, we noted how the NXT Superstars were represented by WWE Hall of Famers Triple H and Shawn Michaels to build to the battle against RAW and SmackDown for Survivor Series. Michaels and Triple H took to Twitter after the show and issued warnings to the main two brands.

Triple H wrote, "Tonight we showed the world WE ARE NXT. #Raw and #Smackdown... YOUR move. You know where to find us... Every Wednesday night 8pm on @USA_Network."

Michaels added, "Do we have your attention? #Raw #smackdown #WeAreNXT"

You can see their full tweets below: