Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman is back to host the latest episode of the WINCLY, which you can check it out in the player above. Our WINCLY podcast is released Tuesday-Thursday afternoon.

Today’s WINCLY episode includes:

Wrestling Inc’s Justin LaBar joining Nick to break down the news of the past twenty-four hours, including:

* ACH returning to the indies

* AEW Dynamite highlights

* RAW and Smackdown invading NXT

* WWE Backstage’s viewership with CM Punk

* The latest on Dio Madden – RAW announce team

* Alicia Fox announcing her sobriety

Nick’s interview with Impact Wrestling’s Eddie Edwards. Featuring Edwards discussing:

* His first drag show

* Working an infidelity angle with his wife Alisha and Ace Austin

* Impact’s move to AXS TV

* What to expect from Impact’s Throwback Throwdown

* Impact’s upcoming TNA show

* Tessa Blanchard stepping up to the main event

* Ken Shamrock’s Impact return

Eddie Edwards becomes Cowboy Colt McCoy when Impact Wrestling presents Throwback Throwdown on the November 26th episode of Impact Wrestling on AXS TV. For more information please visit www.ImpactWrestling.com

Wrestling Inc’s Andy Malnoske’s interview with Demolition

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