Triple Threat: NXT Tag Team Champions The Undisputed Era vs. SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day vs. RAW Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders

Kayla Braxton is backstage with SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day. They get hyped up about being the best and they mention the injured Xavier Woods. Big E does his grand introduction as Kofi Kingston heads through the curtain with him, holding a platter of pancakes. Vic welcomes us to ringside with Graves and WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler at the announce table as The New Day hits the ring. NXT Tag Team Champions Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish of The Undisputed Era are out next. NXT’s Alicia Taylor is doing the ring introductions. RAW Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders are out next, Erik and Ivar.

O’Reilly, Ivar and Big E start first. O’Reilly gets launched and in comes Fish. Ivar and Big E double team The Undisputed Era a few times. Big E and Ivar unload on each other in the middle of the ring now. Big E scoops Ivar but he slides out. They run the ropes and Big E levels Ivar. O’Reilly sends Big E to the floor with an assist from Fish. Ivar sends O’Reilly into the corner. Erik tags in for the double team on O’Reilly. Erik and Ivar take turns on O’Reilly. Erik slams Ivar on top of O’Reilly. Kofi tags in and goes at it with Erik. Kofi with a dropkick. Kofi unloads on O’Reilly in the corner now. Big E tags in and they double team O’Reilly for a 2 count. Kofi tags back in for another double team on O’Reilly for a 2 count.

Kofi tosses O’Reilly out to the floor. Kofi kicks Fish on the apron. The New Day and The Vikings face off in the middle of the ring now. They start brawling. Big E and Erik go at it on the floor, Erik sends them into the barrier. Fish and O’Reilly double team Kofi now, focusing on the leg or knee. O’Reilly comes off the top with a knee drop on Kofi’s knee. O’Reilly with a submission on the leg now. Ivar finally breaks it up. There’s chaos now as everyone gets involved and bodies are flying.

Erik and Kofi go at it in the corner now. Kofi and O’Reilly fight now with O’Reilly unloading and coming in from the apron. Big E goes to spear O’Reilly off the apron but he moves and Big E lands hard on the outside. Fish takes Kofi out on the floor. Erik scoops Ivar on the apron and slams him out on the floor, on top of their other opponents. Fans pop. Erik brings O’Reilly into the ring and rocks him while the others are down on the floor. Erik clotheslines O’Reilly and scoops him but Fish chops the knee out. O’Reilly with big kicks to Erik now. Fish tags in as Erik knocks O’Reilly out of the ring. Fish drops Erik back with a knee to the nose and it looks like his nose might be busted.

Fish continues to work Erik over now. O’Reilly tags back in as they keep him down. O’Reilly works on Erik’s knee as some fans chant for NXT. Fish launches Erik with a suplex, keeping him from the tag. Erik launches Fish over his head at O’Reilly on the apron, Ivar finally tags in and unloads on The Undisputed Era. Ivar with more big strikes. Ivar goes to the top and rolls through. Erik tags in with double knees to Fish. Ivar misses the cannonball in the corner as Fish makes the save. More back and forth now. Big E tags in and launches O’Reilly, then Fish with big suplexes. Kofi with big kicks from the apron to opponents on the floor. Erik mounts Big E in the corner with punches but Kofi makes the save with a kick. The New Day hits a big double team stomp move on Erik but Ivar breaks the pin just in time. Big E ends up hitting a spear on Erik to the floor from the apron next to the other bodies. More chaos with all three teams.

Erik rocks Big E with a huge knee. Ivar tags back in for the springboard German suplex with Erik to Big E. Kofi goes for Trouble In Paradise on the floor but kicks the ring post. The Undisputed Era double teams Kofi with a High Low on the floor. The Vikings and The Undisputed Era see The New Day down now. Both teams go at it and unload. Ivar gets double teamed but he screams back at them and dodges a High Low. The Vikings go on and hit a Viking Experience, covering Fish for the pin after knocking O’Reilly away.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

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