Bayley On WWE Security Keeping People Off Their Phones During Pre-show Rehearsals In The Arena

As noted earlier this week at this link, WWE SmackDown Women's Champion Bayley spoke with The Detroit News to promote Friday's SmackDown from the Little Caesars Arena.

Bayley praised the WWE machine that she's a part of, giving credit to the behind-the-scenes crew that makes the WWE shows happen. The interview was done while Bayley was waiting for the December 13 SmackDown in Milwaukee to begin, and she included an interesting tidbit about how WWE security makes sure no one is taking photos of the pre-show rehearsals in the ring.


"I'm sitting in the arena right now, and if you could see how filled this place is, not with wrestlers, but with people building the stage, people putting out chairs, security yelling at people to put their phones away, it's crazy what goes on to put this show together for the fans," Bayley said. "They don't know how much we really try to make the best show possible for them."