Enzo Amore Disses Tama Tonga With Battle Rap (Video), Enzo Says He Learned "The Game" From Triple H

The Enzo Amore vs. Tama Tonga beef continued on Twitter this week as the former WWE Superstar released a "rap video" to diss the New Japan Pro Wrestling star.

As seen below, Enzo released his video and tagged rapper Drake in the caption as he used Drake's "Back 2 Back" song. He also mentioned Triple H.

Enzo wrote, "Oh man oh man not again @Tama_Tonga I learned the #TheGame from Hunter Hearst Helmsley you can never check me. #BackToBack for the samoans that didn't get the message. #BackToBack like @champagnepapi .. I might win a #Slammy for this 1 #Bodied [coffin emoji] [hammer emoji]"

Tama, the current IWGP Tag Team Champion, responded and clearly isn't taking Enzo serious.

"[laugh emojis] Did you just "rap battle" me to Drakes #backtoback trac and shoot name dropping Triple H while thinking I am Samoan??!!," Tama wrote back.

This exchange came after Enzo's "Rise of Skywalker" taunt to Tama earlier in the week. You can see those posts below, along with a GIF reaction from Tonga.

Enzo spoke with entertainment reporter Chris Van Vliet earlier this year and responded to comments Tanga had previously made about Enzo not being welcome in the NJPW locker room, which you can see here.

"There's a guy, Tama Tonga, who took food off my plate," Enzo said in reference to a potential NJPW gig. "So if I ever saw him out in public, same thing with Joey [Janela]. I'm going to walk up to you and put my hands up. The difference is I don't think Tama's going to walk away and I don't give a damn because if you book him on the same thing as me, you ain't getting me because that's his doing. If you're going to blackball me, Tama Tonga, the 'gatekeeper' of New Japan [Pro-Wrestling], throw a hissy fit, got upset, he got worked just like everybody else did that day, that's what we love about pro wrestling. Now, if you're not in on it and you get upset about it, and you have the nerve to throw shade at my name, who didn't do anything to you, except take spotlight from you, alright, that's all I did. If you have a problem with getting over, that ain't my problem, that ain't my problem."

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