Tama Tonga On Why Enzo Amore Wasn't Signed By ROH, Enzo Responds

Earlier this month at ROH / NJPW G1 Supercard at Madison Square Garden, Big Cass (CaZXL) and Enzo (nZo) jumped the barricade after the ROH World and IWGP Tag Titles "Winner Take All" match and brawled with The Briscoes and Bully Ray. Most of what happened did not air on the PPV, but it was speculated at the time the two would be working with Ring of Honor going forward.

Last week, that may have changed as the appearance reportedly didn't go over well with many backstage, and future appearances by the tag team were no longer expected. Published yesterday, in the video above Enzo was with UFC Fighter Mickey Gall, who defeated CM Punk in 2016, and went after both the Ring of Honor and New Japan locker rooms.

"Mickey, remember when you choked out CM Punk?," Enzo asked. "He used to work for that f—in', what was that? Ring of Honor. Listen, as far as all you people that work for, or with, Ring of Honor or New Japan, as far as you're concerned, you're not concerned. Zero f—s given. You're S-O-F-T f—in' soft. So, I know this might be hard for you, but maybe ya do me a solid. Alright, if you happen to see me and Cass, big guy, XL.

"If you happen to see us, introduce yourselves, alright? Because we have no idea who the f— you are. I know what I know and that's all I that know and that's this. There are only two things that smell like fish, and one of them, fish. The other one?Ring of Honor / New Japan locker room, how ya doin? If that went of your f—in' heads, you marks, I'll spoon feed it to ya ... ya f—in' p—ies, okay, what ya gonna do about it? Nothing."

Earlier today, Tama Tonga spoke directly to Enzo (calling him by his Twitter handle, "Real1") about why he's not welcome in the locker room, calling him a cancer.

"What up, Real1? I'll just address you straight up," Tonga said. "Ya ain't gotta call out the locker room. It was me. It was f—in' me. Huh, Real1? You're a real f—in' idiot. You know why we ain't letting you in? Because you're cancer. We don't want that to spread in our workplace. You're a f—ing cancer. You're talking about bringing in money? Aw, s—. No, we're talking about you killing our business. You're a cancer. Not on my f—ing watch. B—-."

Enzo responded with a video of his own, saying Tonga is never getting "over," unlike himself.

"You gotta be able to do better than that bro," Enzo said. "Come on man, that's it? Using the c-word? The c-word? Come on, you little c—. Pick a better word, alright, listen. I do what I do because it works. That's why I don't listen to nobody. Unlike you, you gotta listen to so many people just to go through a f—in' curtain, I could just jump a guardrail and beat the s— out of people, you could watch it and do nothing and be mad at yourself. Don't be mad at me, bro.

"I'm just doing what I do better than anybody else in the world. That's why I do things my way. My way. It's my way or the highway. And clearly you chose the highway because whatever the f— you're doing ain't working, okay? Because you're driving down the highway, you've had your directional on for far too long because you ain't never getting over."

Tonga was quick to respond with another video to Enzo, claiming he wears a wig and referencing when Enzo was knocked out during a WWE match.

"Yes, I used the c-word. You're a cancer, Enzo," Tonga said. "Just keeping it real, one. Guys like you don't get knocked out by wrestlers, you get knocked out by the bottom rope?not the top?the bottom rope. Just keeping it real, one. Guys like you, Enzo, are so desperate ya gotta wear a wig to get your old job back. Just keepin' it real, one."