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Don Callis and Josh Mathews welcome fans to another edition of Impact Wrestling. The first match of the night is announced!

Eddie Edwards vs. Brian Cage

On the outside, Edwards reverses a powerbomb from Cage into a hurricanrana. Back in the ring now, Cage slams Edwards in the center of the ring. Cage pushes Edwards into the corner. Cage follows it up with a side suplex. He goes for the cover and Edwards kicks out at 2. Edwards reverses another powerslam from Cage with a backdrop. Edwards flies off the top rope, landing a hurricanrana and a Blue Thunder Bomb. Edwards covers Cage, Cage kicks out at 2. Edwards and Cage collide with double shoulder tackles. Edwards with a step-up enziguri takes Cage down. Cage slowly rises to his feet. Michael Elgin runs into the ring and double clotheslines Edwards and Cage. The referee calls for the bell. Elgin continues his attack on Edwards. It's announced that after the break, their match will continue but as a triple threat match.

Eddie Edwards vs. Brian Cage vs. Michael Elgin

Back from the break, Elgin rolls Edwards up and he kicks out. Cage flies off the top rope and lands on Elgin and Edwards on the outside. Cage with a clothesline on Elgin in the corner. Edwards comes back in and goes for a schoolboy pin on Cage. Cage kicks out. Edwards chest chops Cage. Elgin chest chops Edwards. Cage with a vertical suplex on Edwards. Elgin off the top rope lands on Edwards and Cage on the outside. Their match continues after the break.

Back from the break, Cage is atop the top rope. Elgin climbs to the middle rope and throws down a few forearms on Cage. Edwards attempts to lift Elgin into a powerbomb position. Now, Edwards has Cage in a half-crab submission. Elgin punches Edwards near his jaw. The submission is broken. Cage goes for the cover on Edwards. Edwards kicks out at 2. Cage and Elgin exchange forearms in the center of the ring. Elgin sends Cage into the ring. Elgin lands the Elgin Bomb on Cage. He goes for the cover on Cage and Cage kicks out. Elgin back strikes Cage. Cage reverses with an Alabama Slam. Edwards goes for the Boston Knee Party on Cage. Edwards covers Cage. Cage kicks out at 2. Cage with a discus clothesline on Edwards. All three men are down. Elgin climbs to his feet first. Cage second. Cage sits Elgin atop the rope. Elgin rolls off. Edwards off the top rope lands another Boston Knee Party. Elgin finishes the match with an Elgin Bomb on Edwards. He goes for the cover and picks up the win!

Winner: Michael Elgin

At the Treehouse: Trey's mom enters. Trey tells his mom that he doesn't think it would be a good idea for her to come support them at ringside. His mom asks if he's embarrassed by her? He says no. Trey caves and says that if she wants to be there at ringside, she can be. She tells the boys that after their done "hanging out," she's going to make Trey's favorite meal, meatloaf!

Outside: Moose is not too happy that he came up short in the six-person elimination gauntlet match two weeks ago. He heads over to a basketball court to redeem himself and his greatness. He asks a few New York locals if he can play ball with them. They agree. He tells them that he was a former NBA player. One of the guys says he's a little nervous playing ball with him because he saw what he did to his tennis coach awhile back. Moose tells them to not worry. He places a bet, if he makes a three-pointer, he'll take them out for beers. He makes the shot. Instead of keeping his word, he just attacks the players.

Back in the ring, Mathews is speaking to the audience about how Impact comes to their rosters' aide when they need help. He says that a portion of the tickets purchased at tonight's show are going towards ODB and her food truck that burnt down awhile back. After the announcement, ODB makes her way down to the ring! She is so glad to be back and thanks the audience for their support. As she is given her speech, Taya Valkyrie and John E. Bravo interrupt. Valkyrie could care less about her and her food truck burning down. She brags that she is the longest Knockout's Champion compared to ODB, who was a four-time Knockout's Champion. ODB takes a drink out of her flask and starts beating the crap out of Valkyrie. Valkyrie escapes the ring.

Back from the break, it's announced that Valkyrie will go one-on-one with ODB tonight!

After the announcement, a video is shown of the press media conference that Mathews and Scott D'Amore hosted for Hard To Kill. The focus of this conference is on the Impact World Championship. Tessa Blanchard and Sami Callihan take turns speaking. Callihan does not like how he has to wait to talk. Callihan sees Blanchard as a spoiled brat and an ungrateful modern-day wrestler. Callihan says that he is going to "crack her f**king skull." D'Amore and Mathews separate the two of them after Callihan's statement.

Back to the ring now, a six-man tag team match is announced!

Ace Austin & Reno Scum vs. The Rascalz (w/Trey's mom)

Trey and Adam Thornstowe start the match. After a few takedowns, Thornstowe tags in Austin. Austin dives to the outside to get away from Trey. Trey tags in Wentz. Wentz lands a running knee before Dez tags himself in. Luster the Legend comes in and throws Dez into the turnbuckle. Legend lifts Dez by his hair and slams him back into the ring. Legend with a heart punch. He tags in Thornstowe, who lands a standing moonsault on Dez. Thornstowe tags in Austin. Austin mocks the Rascalz with their signature hand gesture. Austin kicks Dez. Dez gets up and lands a back kick on Austin. Trey is tagged in. He lands a neckbreaker. Austin counters Trey's attempted middle rope dive. Wentz is fired up. He flies over the top rope and takes out Legend. Trey also flies out of the ring with a corkscrew press. Trey is on the top rope and sees Austin talking to his mom. Trey goes after Austin on the outside. Thornstowe schoolboy pins Wentz and steals the victory.

Winners: Ace Austin & Reno Scum

Backstage: Jordynne Grace comes in to give money to ODB and her cause. Before she can do that, ODB informs Grace that she knows she's after Valkyrie. She says she'll try to save a little piece of Valkyrie for Grace later on. Grace says that's not why she's there speaking to her. She just wanted to say she's a big fan and wanted to help out with her cause.

Backstage: Joey Ryan is on his phone and Johnny Swinger comes over and talks to him about these modern wrestlers and how they're nothing like them; experienced. Swinger says that he and Ryan should form a group, especially tonight during Swinger's match against Petey Williams. Ryan says he'll help. After Swinger leaves, Ryan goes back on his phone.

After, Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes make their way down to the ring. RVD knows he's the cream of the crop because all the wrestlers are stealing his moves. Tommy Dreamer's music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. Dreamer challenges RVD to a match for next week, but Dreamer wants to be the guest referee. He has a different opponent in mind...Rhino. RVD passes. Rhino makes his way out and attacks RVD. Security comes out and separates the two.

Next, recap footage is shown of Rich Swann in the six-person gauntlet match from two weeks ago. Willie Mack applauds Swann for how hard he fought in that match. The North interrupt and taunt Swann and Mack. Swann informs The North that they're coming for the tag team titles.

Gabby Loren interviews Fallah Bahh and asks him if he plans to fight back after what The Desi Hit Squad did to him. At first, Bahh replies with just "Bahh." But then, he says that yes, he is going to fight back.

And now, the Impact Plus Moment of the Week. It's of ODB vs. Mickie James for the Impact Knockout's Championship.

Backstage: Father James Mitchell introduces Suzie to Havok. Suzie goes for a handshake and Mitchell tells her not to do that. Havok likes her space. Once Suzie understands that, he believes they'll be great friends!

Back from the break, Johnny Swinger gets ready for some singles competition!

Johnny Swinger vs. Petey Williams

Williams goes for the schoolboy pin, Swinger kicks out. Swinger starts flexing his pecs. Williams follows through with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Swinger fires back. Williams with a side leg sweep. Swinger yells out for Ryan to come out. Williams finishes the match by locking Swinger up in a sharpshooter. Swinger taps out.

Winner: Petey Williams

And now, the main event!

ODB vs. Taya Valkyrie (w/ John E. Bravo)

Back from the break, Valkyrie slams ODB into the turnbuckle. ODB reverses with a few strong slaps. ODB slams Valkyrie into the corner and chest chops her. ODB sends Valkyrie out of the ring. Bravo takes ODB's flask. She's got her hands on Bravo and grabs her flask from him. She lets him drink out of it and then motorboats him. Valkyrie comes back in the ring. ODB climbs to the top. Valkyrie picks ODB's ankle and slams her down on the mat. Valkyrie has ODB in the ropes and lands a running knee. Valkyrie rubs her butt on ODB's face. Valkyrie covers ODB, and she kicks out. Valkyrie climbs on ODB's back while she's face down on the mat and strikes her. Valkyrie now turns it into a face lock submission. ODB tries to climb to the bottom rope. Valkyrie breaks the hold and stomps on ODB. Valkyrie chest chops ODB in the corner and then goes for a leg choke. ODB is sitting atop the top rope. ODB with the Dirty Dozen on Valkyrie. After, she flies off the top rope and lands right on top of Valkyrie. She lands several strikes and then the Bronco buster. Bravo drunk on the outside, grabs Valkyrie's title. The crowd yells out "He's the champ." While Valkyrie is distracted, ODB rolls Valkyrie up in a schoolgirl pin. She picks up the win!

Winner: ODB

Post-Match: Grace comes out with a flask of her own and drinks with ODB!

That concludes this week's episode. Thanks for watching! Here's a sneak peek for what's to come on next week's episode!