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Don Callis and Josh Mathews welcome fans to another edition of Impact Wrestling. The first match of the night is announced.

Tenille Dashwood vs. Jordynne Grace

Both women begin the match with multiple lockups. Dashwood grabs hold of Grace’s arms from behind. Grace is sent to the turnbuckle. Dashwood with the tarantula submission. Dashwood with a reversed DDT, covers, Grace kicks out. Grace with a schoolgirl pin, covers, Dashwood kicks out. Grace tries to put Dashwood away with a Grace Driver, she does so, cover, Dashwood kicks out at 2. Dashwood with a crossbody, followed by a butterfly suplex, cover, Grace kicks out. Grace turns a reversal around, covers, and picks up the win.

Winner: Jordynne Grace

Post-Match: Both women shake hands. Taya Valkyrie from behind attacks Grace. Dashwood comes back in the ring and helps Grace take Valkyrie out.

Backstage: Moose steps out of the elevator and comes face-to-face with Rhino. He tells Rhino he is sorry that his Gore had no effect on Rob Van Dam the way his spear did. Rhino attacks Moose.

Backstage: The North see Willie Mack sitting on the stairs. The North informs Mack that they’re not to fight. They just want Mack to send a message to Rich Swann that he is a star and Mack better get out of his way. Swann climbs up the stairs and confronts The North for trying to break him and Mack apart. He tells both of them to bounce.

Up next, TJP is in action!

TJP (w/Fallah Bahh) vs. Daga

Both men shake hands before their match starts. Daga and TJP lock up. Daga takes TJP down with a side headlock. TJP reverses it into a front face lock. Daga escapes out of it. Daga with an arm drag, that transitions into an armbar. Daga with a cover, TJP kicks out. TJP with a quick head scissors reversal. Daga with a shoulder tackle, cover, TJP kicks out. Both men with a double dropkick. Their match will continue after the break.

Back from the break, Daga throws TJP into the turnbuckle and lands a strong chest chop. TJP with a handstand, followed by a dropkick to Daga on the outside. TJP rolls over the top rope and lands on Daga who is in the center of the ring. TJP covers, Daga kicks out. TJP puts on the breaks with a snap arm on Daga. Daga lands on the apron and slams TJP into the turnbuckle. Daga builds up speed with a sunset flip/dropkick, cover, TJP kicks out. Daga with a strong strike, followed by a senton, cover, TJP kicks out again. TJP with a huge uppercut. Daga fights back with several forearm strikes. TJP with a rana, turns it into an arm breaker. Daga reverses out of it. TJP with the octopus hold, Daga reverses with the half crab. The hold is broken. Both men with a double clothesline knock each other out. Daga goes up top. TJP climbs up, Daga counters. TJP runs back up to the middle rope. Both men are going back and forth on the second rope. TJP takes the lead with a powerslam. TJP locks Daga up in a submission, Daga taps, TJP wins the match.

Winner: TJP

Post-Match:The Desi Hit Squad make their way down to the ring and attack both TJP and Bahh. Daga helps TJP and Bahh by taking out all of the members except Shera, who chokeslams him.

Backstage: Brian Cage runs into Van Dam and Katie Forbes. They will have a match at Hard To Kill. Van Dam isn’t too worried about beating Cage.

Van Dam and Forbes make their way down to the ring. After Forbes introduces Van Dam, they both makeout. After, Van Dam announces that he is going to take a stand by saying that he is the one that gave all the Impact wrestlers’ their movesets. He’s been hearing that people think that his match with Cage is a “dream match.” The fans cheer. He says, of course, Cage would find this match to be a dream because he’s the biggest mark of RVD’s. Cage’s music hits. Both men duke it out in the ring. RVD psyches the fans out and pretends he’s going to land the 5 Star Frog Splash on Cage, but doesn’t.

Up next, The Impact Plus Moment of the Week

After the moment of the week, Suzie is wandering around and Rosemary finds her. Suzie says she’s looking for Father James Mitchell. Rosemary asks if she’s looking for a lost memory. Mitchell finds her and screams out to Suzie to stay far away from Rosemary. Havok attacks Rosemary by choking her. Suzie starts to shake and screams out. After her breakdown, she looks cheerful.

In the women’s locker room, Kiera Hogan and Madison Rayne are having a private conversation. Valkyrie interrupts and needs the ladies’ help, she needs tag team partners. Hogan asks what reward do they get if they help her. Valkyrie says she’ll give them both a shot at her Knockouts title. Both Hogan and Rayne need some time to think about it.

Up next, some more singles action!

Rich Swann (w/Willie Mack) vs. Ethan Page (w/Josh Alexander)

Page puts Swann in a side headlock. Swann breaks out of it with a dropkick. Swann sends Page into the turnbuckle. Swann climbs up to the middle rope and lands 10 strikes on Page. The fans roar with claps and cheers. Swann with multiple strikes. Alexander grabs hold of Swann’s foot. Page takes advantage with a thumb to Swann’s eye. Page covers, Swann kicks out. Page with a kick to the side of Swann’s head, followed by a back elbow. Page with a foot chokehold on Swann. Page sends Swann to the opposite turnbuckle. Swann stays alive with a flying clothesline and neckbreaker, cover, Page kicks out. Swann with a cartwheel, covers, Page kicks out again. Page with a right-hand sucker punches Swann in the nose. Page covers, Swann kicks out. Swann with three big shot back kicks. Swann covers, Page kicks out. Page fires back with a running shoulder tackle. Page up top, Swann climbs to the middle rope. Both men exchange blows, Page lifts Swann up and throws him down on the mat, he follows it up with a swanton. Page with the cover, Swann kicks out. Swann rolls over the top rope and Alexander gets squashed. Mack and Page get into it. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner By Disqualification: Ethan Page

Post-Match: Mack and Swann are having a conversation on the outside. Swann is asking Mack what happened.

Backstage: Moose and Rhino continue brawling.

Back from the break, Joey Ryan must pay his dues from Wrestler’s Court in a singles match against Acey Romero.

Joey Ryan vs. Acey Romero

Before their match starts, Johnny Swinger makes his way down to join Callis and Mathews on commentary. Ryan pours some baby oil on his crotch, as well as places his lollipop in his crouch. Romero backs Ryan into the corner and backs away cleanly. Romero with a crossbody. Ryan climbs to his feet and throws a few shots on Romero. Romero with a powerslam, cover, Ryan kicks out. Ryan uses his dong power to put Romero in a trance. Kid ref gets a lollipop in his mouth. After, the ref is out. Ryan gets Romero to touch his dong. Swinger comes into the ring. Romero grabs Swinger’s fanny pack. Ryan with a d**k flip. He pulls out his lollipop and puts it in Romero’s mouth. Ryan finishes the match with the Sweet Tooth Music. Cover, Ryan wins the match.

Winner: Joey Ryan

Backstage: Gabby Loren interviews Tessa Blanchard. She asks Blanchard if she is nervous about what Sami Callihan is going to say about her later on tonight. Blanchard isn’t worried, in fact, she believes he’s the one that’s worried.

Backstage: Michael Elgin is looking for Eddie Edwards’ stuff. He takes Edwards’ Call Your Shot Trophy.

Up next, an X-Division match!

Ace Austin vs. Petey Williams

Williams sends Austin into the ropes. Williams with a side elbow strike. Willaims with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Austin fires back with a dropkick. Willaims with a codebreaker. Austin crawls away from a sharpshooter. Williams flies off the top rope with a slingshot hurricanrana on Austin. Their match will continue after the break.

Back from the break, Austin with a step-up enziguri on Williams. Williams with a side sweep. Austin with a bang-a-rama. Austin and Williams are on the top rope. Williams rolls over Austin. Both men are off the ropes. Willaims with a powerbomb. Austin reverses with The Fold, cover, Austin wins.

Winner: Ace Austin

Post-Match: Austin says he wants to dedicate his victory to Trey’s mom. The fans boo.

After the break, Callihan is going to expose Blanchard.

Backstage: Trey confronts Austin. They both start fighting.

Callihan makes his way down to the ring. He is out to expose Blanchard. He says she is a fake and a phony just like all of the fans. The fans boo loudly. The fans chant “Tessa’s better.” Callihan doesn’t understand why fans look at their match as an intergender match. He says he sees her as another wrestler that he would spit on. He says the only reason why Blanchard ever rose to the top was because of her family. Callihan, on the other hand, had to claw his way to the top and never needed his “daddy” to help him get a tryout.

Blanchard’s music hits. She runs down to the ring. Madman Fulton stops her. Ken Shamrock runs down to the ring and takes out Fulton. Blanchard and Callihan’s brawl makes its way to the back/outside. Callihan accidentally hits a fan. Callihan lifts Blanchard and throws her into a tour bus. He chokes her. The referees are begging him to stop. Blanchard fights out of it and spears him into the building. Callihan sends Blanchard into a truck and uses some “Caution” tape to wrap around her face. Blanchard climbs into the back of a truck and spears him on the street. Their brawl continues after the show ends.

Impact Wrestling will go back to airing it’s regular content on Tuesday, January 7th. In the meantime, next Saturday (12/28) and (1/4), Impact will hold its annual yearly awards. Make sure to vote for your favorite matches and wrestlers. Happy Holidays! We’ll see you next year!