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Don Callis and Josh Mathews welcome fans to another edition of Impact Wrestling. The first match of the night is announced. Impact is kicking it old school with an ECW style match!

Rob Van Dam (w/Katie Forbes) vs. Rhino w/Tommy Dreamer as the Special Guest Referee

Rhino leads the match in the beginning. He grabs a chair from underneath the ring. Van Dam stops him with a few shots. Rhino grabs a steel-framed chair and slams it into Van Dam. Van Dam rolls Rhino into the ring and smooches Forbes before going back in the ring. Van Dam with a spinning leg drop. He goes for the cover and Rhino kicks out at 2. Rhino grabs a mop and chokes Van Dam with it. After, Rhino power slams Van Dam on top of a folding chair. Van Dam gets up and sets up another folding chair. Rhino reveres, by slamming Van Dam's head/neck right on top of the chair. Van Dam gets his revenge by pushing the chair right in between Rhino's legs. Rhino powerbombs Van Dam right on top of the chair.

Several tables and garbage can make their way into the ring. Van Dam sets up the garbage can in between the ropes, along with the table. Rhino sends Van Dam through the table with the Gore. Rhino covers Van Dam. Forbes drags Dreamer out of the ring, while he's making the count. Rhino grabs Forbes by her hair. Van Dam strikes Rhino. Rhino lets go of Forbes. Van Dam climbs to the top rope and lands the Five Star Frog Splash. He covers Rhino and picks up the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Post-Match: Van Dam and Dreamer shake hands. After, Van Dam kicks Dreamer and celebrates his win with Forbes.

Sitting on the Stairs Outside: oVe, more so Sami Callihan sends a chilling message to the Impact roster and Tessa Blanchard. Dave and Jake Crist are going to compete tonight in the fatal-four way match to determine who will face the Impact World Tag Team Champions (The North) at Hard To Kill. Next, he says that he is sending Madman Fulton to compete against Blanchard. Tonight, Blanchard and Callihan get to choose their opponents in a "pick your poison" match. Blanchard chose Ken Shamrock for Callihan. He's ready to take the MMA legend down.

Next, Acey Romero makes his in-ring debut on Impact!

Moose vs. Acey Romero

Moose begins the match with a side headlock. Romero runs to the ropes and pushes Moose off of him. Moose with a big shot. Romero fires back with multiple slaps. Romero throws Moose across the ring. Moose rolls out of the ring. Romero dives through the middle rope and takes out Moose. Their match continues after the break!

Back from break, Moose is kicking Romero. Moose grabs Romero's face and then kicks him in the back. Romero grabs Moose and plants him hard with a vertical suplex. Romero throws several chest chops. Romero counters with a crossbody suplex. Moose gets up, and Romero puts Moose down again with a powerslam. Romero climbs to the middle rope. Moose grabs Romero and counters with a GTH. Romero shifts Moose to the other side of the ring. Romero goes for the cover, and Moose kicks out at 2. Moose ends the match with a jackhammer. He goes for the final cover and wins the match.

Winner: Moose

Backstage: Father James Mitchell yells at Suzie for running away. Suzie grabs a noose, and a flashback of when she was attacked by Jessicka Havok is shown. Suzie says a "nice lady" was trying to help her (Rosemary). Mitchell tells Suzie to only listen to him and no one else.

Backstage: Gabby Loren interviews Michael Elgin. She asks him why he attacked Eddie Edwards after their triple threat match last week. He says that he is tired of hitting roadblocks, especially ones that Impact Management has been putting up against him. He is going to play by his own rules now, and Edwards is going to be his first experiment.

Up next, another singles match!

Fallah Bahh vs. Raj Singh (w/The Desi Hit Squad)

Bahh gets attacked before he enters the ring. He fights back with several strikes, which sends Singh across the ring. Gama grabs hold of Bahh's foot. Bahh pushes Gama off of him. Bahh chest chops Singh. Singh strikes back. Bahh flattens Singh with a crossbody. Bahh goes for the cover, and Singh kicks out. In the corner, Bahh sets Singh up on the top rope. Gama distracts the referee and Rohit Raju comes into the ring and hits Bahh. Bahh sends Raju to the outside. Singh drops off the top rope. Bahh climbs to the top rope and squashes Singh. He goes for the cover, and Bahh wins the match!

Winner: Fallah Bahh

Post-Match: Raju makes his way back in the ring. He and Singh continue their attack on Bahh. TJP makes his way down to the ring to help Bahh. TJP and Bahh send the Desi Hit Squad out of the ring and hug each other.

Backstage: Joey Ryan is stopped by someone who says that Impact Management needs to talk to him about his contract. As he enters the curtain that has a sign that says "Impact Management," Dreamer reveals himself and tells Ryan that he's been summoned to Wrestler's Court.

Back from the break, The People's Court music starts to play. Ryan is the defendant and Johnny Swinger, the plaintiff, makes his way to the court (the bathroom) to sue Ryan for not helping him with his match last week. Dreamer is the judge. Dreamer has the idea to move the "court" to another location. They move it to another room. D'Lo Brown is the first witness. The second witness is Madison Rayne. Following the two main witnesses are Bob Evans and Kiera Hogan. Hogan starts to cry and says that Ryan's mustache offends her. Gama Singh causes some ruckus before being escorted out of the courtroom. After their session, Ryan has learned his lesson. He just wants wrestling to be fun. Dreamer doesn't care about his final thought. Dreamer finds Ryan guilty. He sentences Ryan to face Acey Romero next week.

After that hilarious segment, the number one contenders match for the Impact Tag Team Championships is next!

Rascalz (Wentz & Dez) vs. oVe (Dave & Jake Crist) vs. Reno Scum vs. Willie Mack & Rich Swann

Reno Scum are trading shots with the Rascalz. Wentz and Dez take out Reno Scum with double suicide dives through the middle ropes. Dave Crist catches a knee from Mack, which sends Dave out of the ring. Swann and Mack work together and take Luster "The Legend" out with a running bulldog. Mack follows it up with a standing moonsault on Jake Crist. Mack lands a corkscrew press on the outside. Swann sees Mack struggling on the outside, and calls for a referee to come check on Mack. Mack is holding on to his left knee. The backstage medic makes his way down and checks in with Mack. More will follow after the break.

Back from break, Mathews announces that Mack was sent to the back. He is not cleared to compete for the remainder of this match. Swann is taking care of Reno Scum with a double takedown. The Crist Brothers come back in the ring. Jake kicks Swann right in the face. Dave off the top rope lands a spiked tombstone. The Crist Brothers go for the cover, and Wentz breaks the count. Luster launces Swann into Dave. Adam Thornstowe covers Swann. Swann kicks out. Wentz and Dez fire back with a kicking offense. Jake breaks the cover. Swann fights back against Dave and Jake. He strikes both men back-and-forth until he gets back up on his feet. Swann rolls up Dave. He wins the match for him and Mack!

Winners: Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Swann and Mack will compete against The North for the Impact Tag Team Championships at Hard To Kill!

Backstage: Loren interviews Taya Valkyrie and asks how she's preparing for her now triple threat match for the Knockouts Championship against Jordynne Grace and ODB at Hard To Kill. Valkyrie is sick and tired of all these Knockouts and how they're gunning for her title. She knows she is going to retain, just doesn't like all the competition.

After the interview, the Impact Plus Moment of the Week is shown.

Following the Impact Plus Moment, Jimmy Jacobs sits down with Brian Cage and asks what's next for "The Machine?" Cage is happy that Blanchard is the number one contender for the Impact World Championship. However, he wants another shot at the title but wants to work his way up to the top again. Their interview gets interrupted by Forbes and Van Dam, who are making out next to them on the couch.

Up next, the pick your poison matches begin!

Tessa Blanchard vs. Madman Fulton

Blanchard fires three shots on Fulton. Fulton backs Blanchard into the corner and strikes back. Blanchard is laying in the turnbuckle and he grabs her hands and stretches them as he climbs to the top rope. Next, Fulton attempts a powerbomb, and Blanchard reverses out of it. Blanchard flies through the middle rope and climbs to the second rope and flies right into Fulton's arms. Fulton slams Blanchard on top of the apron. Blanchard climbs to the top rope and gets pushed off by the Crist Brothers. The bell rings.

Winner By Disqualification: Tessa Blanchard

Post-Match: Fulton grabs hold of Blanchard and Ken Shamrock's music hits. Shamrock flips Jake Crist right over his shoulder and strikes Dave right in the face. Sami Callihan makes his way down to the ring. Their match will happen next!

Sami Callihan vs. Ken Shamrock

Callihan spits right in Shamrock's face. Shamrock fires back with lightning-quick strikes and kicks. Callihan yells out "Hit me b**ch." Shamrock does so and then slams Callihan face-first into the barricade on the outside. Callihan fights back with a headbutt and a strong chest chop. Shamrock rocks Callihan with a big kick. He sends Callihan back into the ring. Shamrock power slams Callihan to the other side of the ring. The referee gets taken out. Callihan grabs his title and tries to strike Shamrock with it. Shamrock counters with a belly-to-belly suplex. Shamrock puts Callihan in the ankle lock. The referee is still out. Fulton comes down to the ring and attacks Shamrock. Fulton knocks Shamrock out cold. Callihan reverses the ankle lock on Shamrock. The referee calls for the match after checking in on Shamrock. Callihan wins the match.

Winner: Sami Callihan

Post-Match: Fulton comes back in the ring and continues his attack on Shamrock. Callihan comes in to stop Fulton. Fulton pushes Callihan away. Callihan leaves the ring shocked. Fulton sends Shamrock to the outside and slams Shamrock headfirst into a table. Callihan runs down and begs Fulton to stop. Fulton stops.

That concludes this week's show! Here is a sneak peek for what's to come on next week's episode: