Jimmy Havoc Reveals Least Favorite Deathmatch Weapon, Teases "Lots Of Blood" For Upcoming MLW Match

Jimmy Havoc has become a staple in MLW where he's competed in many unique hardcore matches. Some of these include a three-way ladder match and a Prince of Darkness match against Mance Warner.

Havoc talked about the latter and his feud with Warner when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

"We've been fighting for quite a few months now and it's fun working with Mance. He hits really, really hard to be fair and can take as much of a kicking as I can," said Havoc. "So, the barbed wire match we have in January is going to be fun even though barbed wire is the least favorite of all of the weapons we use because those cuts take a while to heal."

Havoc recently had a Falls Count Anywhere match with Warner on MLW Fusion that took place in a unique location.

"I live in Orlando and not too far from the venue where we do the shows. So, we thought it'd be quite fun just to do it in my apartment," said Havoc. "None of it was planned and we just did it on the fly. I think it worked out pretty well."

He added that when it came to the car scene, they knew where they were going but the rest of it was made up. That includes his head being put in the toilet and he's just glad he cleaned his toilet that day.

The two will square off in a barbed wire match at MLW's Zero Hour on January 11th in Dallas and Havoc talked about what to expect.

"Blood, lots of blood. It's gonna be a fight and it's gonna be messy. I'm really looking forward to it because it's been a while since I bled," revealed Havoc.

He was then asked if there were ever any times he worried about the amount of blood that was lost and Havoc pointed to a PROGRESS show when he hit a vein and blood shot out of his head.

"In the ambulance the doctor asked how much blood I lost. I had to say, 'I'm sorry as I didn't bring a measuring cup with me.' If you looked at my shirt, my jeans and the canvas then you might find out. But it was probably a couple of pints that I lost," said Havoc.

With all of these different kinds of deathmatches under his belt, Havoc was asked if he's worried about being pigeonholed as a deathmatch wrestler.

"I've been wrestling for 15 years now and what's gotten the biggest reactions is the deathmatch stuff. I do enjoy doing that and I feel I'm good at that," stated Havoc. "But if you see my work at PROGRESS, I feel that speaks for itself and it's not just deathmatch stuff. It's different styles of matches. It's a lot about storytelling and that stuff is my favorite. But I like doing anything."

He added that he got into deathmatches when growing up watching ECW with Mick Foley and Sabu. He also noted that he's won CZW's Tournament of Death before.

Another guy who has been pigeonholed as a deathmatch wrestler is Joey Janela. But Janela has also talked about wanting to take deathmatch wrestling mainstream and Havoc was asked if that's a possibility.

"Absolutely, I really want to try and get deathmatch wrestling to not have a stigma attached to it. You can tell a story in it. It's not just guys who can't wrestle hitting each other with light tubes as you can tell a story. There is some sort of beauty in violence, I think," Havoc said before adding that he thoroughly enjoyed the Moxley – Omega match but was jealous he wasn't in it. He noted that he saw a lot of hate and a lot of praise for that match online.

"I think the thing we need to stop paying attention to is Twitter and Facebook because it's not the entire populous. Especially in wrestling, the most vocal people are gonna be the people who want to sh*t on something. It's always easier to get a response if you're negative about something rather than positive about something?

"I'm hoping that [deathmatch wrestling] can be embraced a bit more but time will tell."

Fellow deathmatch wrestler Markus Crane recently had a GoFundMe started on his behalf due to a surgery related to an in-ring injury. Havoc shared some thoughts on Crane who he knows personally.

"Markus has been super nice to me. I feel really bad for him so if there's anything we can do to help him out with his GoFundMe to help pay his bills, I'd really appreciate. And I know he's grateful as well," said Havoc.

Havoc will be headed to Dallas for Zero Hour and The Von Erichs will also be there. He talked about being able to perform in what's considered the home of the Von Erich Family.

"They're great. I haven't spent much time with them as they're pretty new, but they are finding their feet," Havoc said of Ross and Marshall. "It's cool having it in Dallas. That's exciting and I'm really looking forward to that show."

MLW Zero Hour takes place on January 11th at the NYTEX Sports Centre in North Richland Hills, TX. You can purchase tickets at MLW.com by clicking here. Havoc's full interview with Wrestling Inc aired as part of today's episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded audio player at the bottom of this post. In the full interview Flair discusses working with Mance Warner in MLW, which deathmatch weapon is his least favorite, balancing his MLW – AEW schedule, which MLW talents he'd like to see pop up in AEW, what happened with he and Excalibur during AEW Full Gear weekend, fans wanting him fired from AEW, the current state of the UK indie scene, MLW's Final Hour and more.

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