Mega Ran is a rapper who has been featured in movies, on TV and in video games. He's also a longtime wrestling fan and was in the ring for New Day's epic rap battle with The Usos on SmackDown in 2017.

He talked about Kofi Kingston's WWE Championship run when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

"I cried when it happened and then I was angry when it was over," admitted Mega Ran. "Taking myself out of the emotional aspect, this was a huge moment for a guy who worked so hard, let alone an African-born champion. This was so huge for the business."

He added that it lasted longer than most everyone thought it would as he thought Kingston would lose it the next week. Since Kingston beat all of the top SmackDown talent then Mega Ran questions if it was really a bad run.

"Maybe getting a rematch would have been nice because I didn't want his loss to be the length of a gif and that was my main gripe. It was literally 'Bam' and the match was over. But the reign was huge and I'm sure that was part of the tradeoff. You're gonna get this, but when it's over it's over. It was a huge moment and maybe it can happen again. He did it justice," stated Mega Ran.

The New Day gimmick has been going for over five years now and many think it's time for a change. Mega Ran was asked if it's time for someone in The New Day to turn heel.

"Just considering it's been five years and outside of probably the Legion of Doom, I can't imagine a team that was together longer," stated Mega Ran. "Even if you breakup to make up, I think that would be fine. I thought Big E would go on a solo chase while the other guys are together. I don't think they need to break up or turn because they have something so great. I would like to see all three of them go out and chase singles gold, that's what I would like to see."

Mega Ran got into the studio with Xavier Woods and recorded a track called "The Sunset Flip" which he talked about.

"It came together kinda quickly honestly. I was at the end of the album and I remember talking to Xavier. He said he was at home nursing injuries and had some free time. So I thought this was the perfect time to get him on a song. I'm glad he was willing to be a good sport and jump on it and it was a good song," revealed Mega Ran.

Mega Ran's new album "AGES, Vol 1" is now available and features his new song "The Sunset Flip" featuring Xavier Woods. For more information or to download the album please visit Mega Ran's full interview with Wrestling Inc aired as part a recent episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded audio player at the bottom of this post. In the full interview Mega Ran discusses his new track The Sunset Flip featuring Xavier Woods, how he befriended Woods, collaborating with Woods, writing an alternative theme song for Kofi Kingston, if someone in New Day should turn heel, working with ROH at Madison Square Garden and more

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