NWA will hold a pay per view this Saturday, Into the Fire, and World Champion Nick Aldis took part in a media call this week. Wrestling Inc. President Raj Giri asked Aldis about the first season of NWA Powerrr and things he would like to see changed for the upcoming second season.

“I thought the first season really set the tone for who we are as a brand,” Aldis said while highlighting Episode 1 as one of his favorites. “We all have our different tastes as certain things on the show might appeal more to others more than they appeal to me. But that’s cool as long as we’re ticking in the right direction.

“We knew that, like most shows, we were gonna have a strong opening and then some of that gets siphoned off. What’s left is our core audience and then we build from that. As far as how it went, we’re talking about a small team and everyone worked their tails off to get those episodes done and to make sure we brought the same level of attention and energy on the last episode as we did on the first.”

He added that certain things happened throughout the series that made them pivot such as Ricky Starks showing up.

“There were some pivots and that’s a tribute to our professionalism as it’s a taped show and it’s not as easy to work based on feedback. That is absolutely what we want to do because we believe more in booking than writing,” revealed Aldis. “That’s hard to do with a taped show but I believe we did it pretty well.

My only major request going forward was to keep it even simpler. What people really like about our show is guys cutting money promos. It’s been so long since people have seen that. Then have matches that establish who you are and build to something important so we can sell some PPVs.”

Aldis then put over the success of the last PPV with still some buys coming in. He said that validates that they are proving their concept.

“What you’ll see, I think, in the next season is a stronger emphasis on guys going to the podium and cutting a promo and making people care about them. The rest will fall into place based on what the natural matchups are. That’s my philosophy on booking. I’m not the booker but I have a say. My philosophy on booking is that the matchups present themselves. The personalities, as they emerge, you see who matches up well with each other and then you go from there,” stated Aldis.

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