NWA interviewer and ring announcer David Marquez took to Twitter today and defended Jim Cornette, comparing his recent comments to a line comedian Eddie Murphy made on NBC’s Saturday Night Live this past weekend.

“Eddie Murphy can say ‘Coon Boy’ on network TV but @TheJimCornette can’t say a starvation joke in the internet? Good on you America,” Marquez wrote.

As noted, Cornette and the NWA parted ways last month after he made a joke during a taped episode of NWA Power on YouTube.

Murphy’s SNL appearance saw him reprise some of his old characters. Murphy appeared during a Weekend Update skit as Gumby, a play on the classic clay caricature that he popularized in SNL sketches during his original tenure. Murphy’s Gumby character took shots at Weekend Update hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost, who have appeared for WWE.

“How the hell are people not going to know who I am? I’m Gumby dammit. Let me tell you something, I saved this damn show from the gutter, and this is the thanks I get for saving this show. Shame on you Lorne Michaels. Shame on you NBC. Shame on you,” Murphy’s Gumby character said during the skit. “I should have been in every damn sketch from the top. I’m the one that made that Eddie Murphy a star. He was just a regular coon boy until I saw him,” the character said, which is what Marquez was referring to.

One fan responded to Marquez and said this sounded like a question for NWA boss Billy Corgan and Vice President Dave Lagana, who reportedly let Cornette’s joke make it through to the final version.

Marquez responded, “I’m just talking double standard. I’ll hear ‘well, he’s black, he can say…’ and it’ll be mostly from White people.”

Another fan responded and said Marquez was making him re-think the second chance he was giving the NWA because he felt like Marquez was “belly aching about ‘Why can’t we be racist?'”

“Or you can be an adult and see the double standard. You have the right to not support just as I have the right to make this statement,” Marquez responded.

That same fan responded and wrote, “I did not dispute your right. You’re having it both ways. Either Cornette wasn’t racist and you’re saying this is different or you’re complaining that Cornette can’t be racist. Also if you can’t see the difference between the two situations, you are willfully ignorant.”

Marquez wrote back, “What did I just say? The comedy performed in each of those sketches would have been met in outrage from IWC, yet Murphy is being praised for his display. JC said a bad, dated non racial joke and the pitchforks were out. Double standard.”

You can see all of the related tweets from Marquez below, along with a clip of Murphy on SNL: