It was recently reported that both Robert Roode and Primo Colon were suspended for 30 days following a WWE wellness policy violation. Although the initial belief was that both superstars tested positive for a prohibited substance, Primo is claiming that his suspension is because he didn’t travel back to the United States from Puerto Rico to take the tests that WWE required.

In an interview with Primera Hora, Primo explained what happened in detail.

“I was not on the road, I was not scheduled for any event in the near future. I am in Puerto Rico when they call me suddenly, not to use me, but to travel for a doping test. I was ready to do it, but I told them that I was in Puerto Rico and that I was willing to go to a place that they chose to test me without any problem. I was not going to pay for a trip to just get tested for doping,” Primo said.

Primo expected some sort of direction on where to go once WWE had decided on where his test would be, however, it wasn’t until Primo was suspended that he received any information regarding the matter. He hopes that fans will now know the truth because his reputation is important to him.

“Then I didn’t hear anything from the company about it and I thought they were going to call me when they found a place to do the test,” Primo said. “Almost two months pass and I get the letter that I am suspended, according to them, because I refused to take the test. And that is not correct. They took it as I was out of the country [and unavailable], but I was available.

“I don’t want them to say that I failed to test positive because that is totally false and incorrect,” Primo continued. “They usually do their doping test at events; someone appears to collect the urine of fighters, employees, referees to do their evaluation once a month. I was in Puerto Rico. I have to clarify it because my reputation is worth more than any check.”

Primo revealed that his current contract ends in October of 2020. Even though he’s rarely used on WWE TV or live events, Primo and his brother are still employed and regularly given a check by WWE.

“I have a contract with them until October 2020. They can call me and use me if they want,” Primo explained. “If they don’t want to use me, they still have to pay me. They are using new talent and so is the [rest of the] industry.”