Scorpio Sky's affiliation with SoCal Uncensored dates back to their mutual time in Ring of Honor which is where he joined the group. In AEW, the team was crowned the first ever tag team champions with Sky and Kazarian holding the belts.

Sky discussed being anointed as AEW's first ever champions when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

"Obviously, it's a huge honor and came as a big surprise to me. At the same time, it shows a lot of faith that the company has in us. I believe we were hand-picked by Tony for this position and I couldn't be more happy with it," Sky said before praising Khan for having a brilliant mind for storytelling and saying what is happening now had its seeds planted months ago.

"There are obviously seeds being planted now that will play out in the summer. So, being a part of that is incredible and we have the most stacked tag division in pro wrestling. If you look at guys outside of SCU, you've got The Young Bucks, The Lucha Bros, Private Party and the Drastic Express. Any one of these teams could carry the company as tag team champions. The fact that we're able to do it is such a great honor and I'm hoping we can do it a long time."

Another one of those AEW tag teams is The Dark Order who have gone in a Scientology direction. Sky talked about their gimmick and what could become of it.

"I think it looks cool. Obviously when it came in people didn't know what The Dark Order was. There's this guy in this mask and the other guy has painted his face. They've got these minions around them, but what are they? They're finally getting their story out and I think people are getting onboard with it.

"It is kinda creepy but cool at the same time so I think there's more layers to their character and story and I'm looking forward to see it myself," stated Sky.

Sky mentioned Tony Khan earlier and was asked if he had met him before coming to AEW.

"No, not really. I had met him one time and there was just rumor and innuendo, but once I sat down face-to-face, I vibed with him as a person and was absolutely sold," said Khan. "Before anything else, he is a wrestling fan. He grew up loving pro wrestling as I grew up loving pro wrestling. He's passionate about it and wants to bring glory back to wrestling. He wants to bring back that old-school vibe and school where the matches and titles really meant something, but at the same time give it a new twist."

Sky brought up Khan's analytics background and how that's led to wins and losses mattering. He compared it to the UFC which is very familiar to Sky as he's had a number of MMA matches.

"I didn't have a lot of questions personally as I did more listening than talking," Sky said of his first meeting with Khan. "I got to meet him in a group of people and I think he wanted to just introduce himself and say this is the plan. Once I was able to listen to him – he's a very honest and open guy. I enjoy watching his media scrums because he is so honest and open…and that's a great thing because it's been an open-door policy with AEW. We've always welcomed people in and he sold it to us before he sold it to the public. But it didn't take a lot of selling for us because it's exactly what we've all felt the wrestling business needs."

Sky has known The Young Bucks for over a decade and worked with them in many different promotions. He discussed the feeling of having his friends as his bosses now and if it's a weird feeling.

"[Laughs] No, it hasn't gotten weird yet. The cool thing about it is that they are all similar but different in a lot of ways, so each of them brings a different take to the table. Sometimes they'll agree and sometimes they won't just like any other business. But at the end of the day they want what's best for the company and so do we. So, I trust them," Sky said before adding that he's known The Bucks the longest and knows that they know how to get people over and make careers.

"Even if there is something that I don't agree with – and this hasn't happened yet – but if there's something I didn't agree with, then you have to have that trust in them because they've been doing this even before AEW. They've been making stars on their own shows."

Sky recently celebrated his 17th year in the wrestling business and he talked about the creative process for a veteran like himself.

"If I have an idea, I might just tell it to whoever's next to me," said Sky. "If it's Cody or Matt or Tony – Tony is very open to things. There have been times in the past I picked up the phone and said, 'Hey, this is on my mind.' He's been very welcoming to that and he's very open. He made sure all of us have his phone number and all of the VPs are very open. It's a very chill, relaxed working environment."

Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian will defend the AEW World Tag Team titles against The Young Bucks on AEW Dynamite this Wednesday. Scorpio's full interview with Wrestling Inc aired as part a recent episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded audio player at the bottom of this post. In the full interview Scorpio discusses his reflections on AEW's first year, working with Tony Khan, what AEW coaches he works with, SCU as AEW's Tag Team Champions, The Dark Order, wrestling Chris Jericho for the AEW World Championship and more.

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