Sin Cara Gets New Ring Name

This past weekend saw the debut of Jorge Arias, a.k.a. Sin Cara, in AAA in the promotion's Guerra de Titanes event. Arias was recently granted his release from WWE with three years left on his deal. He is on a 90-day non-compete and is not free to wrestle elsewhere until March.

As previously reported, WWE has not given Arias the right to use the "Sin Cara" name since they own it. Now the former Sin Cara is going by "Cinta de Oro" and he revealed the new ring name on Instagram, which translates to "Gold Ribbon".

Luchablog noted that Cinta de Oro is the name of the Ciudad Juarez legend who trained Arias, and he has been wearing a gold ribbon on his mask as a way to honor him the last few years.

Arias had filed a trademark on Cinta de Oro in Mexico this past July, but it has not been approved so far. Legal action may be taken however as Luchablog has found a Facebook post from a woman named María Zárate claims to have ownership of Cinta de Oro since 2016.

The people in Arias' Instagram post are allegedly the sons of Cinta de Oro to show that he has the approval from the family to use the ring name. However, in the same Facebook post from Zárate, a profile of who appears to be Ciudad Juarez legend Ari Romero, or a relative of his, implies that the men in posing with Arias are not Cinta de Oro's legitimate sons.

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