The Blue Meanie Talks Criticism Of Orange Cassidy In AEW, Cody Rhodes' Promo Work

The Blue Meanie was a staple in ECW and was often used as comic relief sliced in between the hardcore matches. AEW is also attempting to balance comedy and violence and Meanie talked about that when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

"It's been fine, it's been great. I just took a photo with Orange Cassidy earlier and he makes me laugh. To be honest, I'm quite jealous that he can get away with doing that," Meanie said of Cassidy's schtick. "Wrestling has evolved and you can't pretend someone like Orange Cassidy is an abomination when there's been wrestling mummies in the business. Let's not act like Orange Cassidy is something bad."

Meanie admitted to being a bit envious that Cassidy gets to wear regular jeans and sunglasses while he had to wear short, faded jeans with paint on his face.

AEW is also going for more realistic promos in which the performers, themselves, are given creative freedom. Meanie talked about how they differ from the promos that WWE has.

"It's like what I tell anybody starting in the business: see what is popular and do the opposite," stated Meanie. "The WWE has a certain way of filming and doing promos like not looking into the camera and talking about somebody like they're not there...

"[Cody's Silver Spoon promo] was amazing. It's in his DNA. If he couldn't cut a promo, I would be wondering what happened. He's a Rhodes so he should know how to do a promo. Cody's got a great mind for the business and he learned well from his dad and brother.

"When I watched it I got goosebumps. I felt it. If it's done right you'll feel like. Hopefully it translates into a helluva PPV this weekend. I want AEW to do well because wrestling needs competition."

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