To see highlights of last week’s episode, including how The Inner Circle took over the show, check out the recap of episode 181.

* Santana, Ortiz and Sammy Guevara are with Leva Bates, who they “kidnapped” last week. She is reading them a book called, “Playing With Boys”, and continues to go through a number of books. After some time, several Inner Circle members are sleeping, while Santana is questioning everything regarding Monsta X and Wonho, not realizing the latter is a guy. Sammy wakes up and Leva says she had a lot of fun the last week. The Inner Circle learned not to kidnap anyone, and Leva commemorates the moment with a polaroid. She leaves but the Inner Circle steals her phone after giving Leva her purse back.

* Opening package has changed to Inner Circle singing their own intro.

* Santana, Ortiz and Sammy have Brandon Cutler’s camera and are unsure what to do. They mock the fact that The Elite do bits on the show, stating that the show fell off once AEW started. Ortiz hits a low superkick, prompting an “instant replay” with multiple Meltzer stars. The guys try to figure out how to transition to a Mailbag, but end up singing their own version of the BTE theme song.

* Jake Hager appears jealous of a Sammy and Jericho cutout and starts typing away/smashing at a computer. Sammy comes in and questions if Hager is editing the latest BTE episode. Hager looks mad but Sammy says it looks great. He gives Jake some pointers, which he is clearly not doing.

* Inner Circle Mailbag time, with fans asking Sammy what it is like being a Spanish God, when will AEW go to Puerto Rico and who does milk first over cereal. Hager gets asked a few questions, like when will his first AEW match be, but he is silent. Everyone pretends he said something.

* Inner Circle has Cutler’s camera once again and Santana fakes a magic trick. The lights end up flicking on and off, but it isn’t him. Nick Jackson appears out of nowhere in “Merch Freak” mode, snaps his fingers and we cut to Santana wearing a Young Bucks shirt. The guys freak out and leave the camera behind. Cutler and Matt find the camera and wonder how it got on the floor. Nick comes back and says it happened because of “Merch Freak” as we transition to a “Merch Freak” dance.