The Undertaker Says He Doesn't Remember WrestleMania 30 Match Against Brock Lesnar

Throughout The Undertaker's legendary career and WrestleMania record, it's the loss that ended the streak that is talked about more than the streak itself. Taker's 21 match win streak ended at the hands of Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30 and many felt that should have been The Undertaker's final match.

Stone Cold Steve Austin asked Taker if he should have walked away after that match on the debut episode of Broken Skull Sessions.

"That is the million dollar question. It could have been. The thing with this match is, not everybody knows but somewhere within the first five minutes I get concussed," revealed Taker. "I don't even remember this night. I've watched it back now but my last memory happened about 3:30 in the afternoon when my wife came backstage and we had a conversation."

Undertaker then talked about the hour long process he needs before each match to go out and perform. He doesn't remember any of that and his memory doesn't pick up until early the next morning when he's in the hospital.

"They're coming to check on me and asking me my name. And I've got no clue," Taker said before adding he remembers coming through Gorilla after the match and then being in the hospital. "They come in and ask me where I'm at and I have no clue what my birthday is."

He added that he called his wife to ask her where he's at but she wouldn't cheat for him and give him the answer.

"I watched [the match] back 10-15 times now and I can't pick out where it happened," Undertaker said of being concussed. "It was nothing Brock did. I think him not knowing I was concussed?when I watch it I can tell I'm lethargic. I'm not moving and thinking normally. This screwed me up. This screwed up my confidence. You would think after a career of 25 years that you wouldn't get shook up. Well that's a false belief because this shook me up. I couldn't pinpoint where I got concussed."

Taker said with his training for the match he thinks he peaked too early as his body wasn't ready for the trauma of that match.

"The simplest of bumps, a belly-to-back suplex, that's the only thing I can figure and it rung my bell," stated Taker. "Dr. Maroon equated it to like a lamp and someone unplugged me. Your mind stops making memories and that ate me up a while. Then it came personal to me as I'm not gonna go out my last match and not being able to remember it."

Austin then asked Taker where he's at right now.

"Regardless of anything, I'm gonna write my own story and my own ending," said Taker.

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