Welcome to the ninth (and part 1 of the season finale) episode recap of Total Divas! To view last week’s full recap, click here.

Wrapping Up WrestleMania 35

Starting back from where last week’s Total Divas left off, Ronda Rousey says that she felt her hand break in the middle of her triple threat match against Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. No one backstage, including her husband Travis Browne knew she broke her hand. She heads back to see a doctor, and he confirms that she did break her hand, and she’ll have to have her hand in a cast.

Nia Jax is very sad to leave, since she knows she’s going to be out for several months after her double ACL surgery. She hopes that she’ll be able to wrestle again down the road.

At dinner, Natalya and her family talk about spreading her father’s (Jim Neidhart’s) ashes in New York, after his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame. The family agrees that she should do that. They find a beautiful oak tree that symbolizes her father’s strength and decide to spread his ashes there.

The Hawaiian Vacation Begins

The Bella Twins plans a trip for all the ladies to spend some time together in Hawaii.

Natalya is not too happy that Sonya Deville brought her girlfriend Arianna. She says in her monologue that they’re on this vacation to celebrate what they accomplished at WrestleMania.

Carmella is a little nervous to see Nikki Bella after what she said about her to Nia Jax, who told Nikki what was said. She doesn’t want the vacation to be ruined. Carmella speaks to Deville in private about the situation. She doesn’t know how to talk to Nikki about it.

Arianna is feeling uncomfortable about being the only significant other on this vacation. She wishes that Deville would have told her that it was only supposed to be between her friends and her.

Nikki announces to the ladies that her doctor found a cyst on her brain and she won’t be able to come back and wrestle. Originally, she and Brie were going to be part of the Women’s Tag Team title storyline. After hearing that, Carmella apologizes to Nikki for what she said about her. Nikki accepts the apology and they go back to being friends again.

Natalya is upset that Naomi is not on vacation with them. She worries that something is going on. Additionally, Natalya and Deville start getting into it after Natalya says that she wants to see the other women on the roster get title opportunities but doesn’t mention Deville.

After, they all go hula dancing. Deville is feeling awkward and leaves halfway through. Natalya tells the ladies that she is fed up with Deville’s attitude and how she’s trying to act tough around her girlfriend.

At dinner, Natalya spills the beans and tells everyone that Rousey’s last match was at WrestleMania 35. The ladies are shocked, and not too happy that she didn’t inform them about her planned departure.

After dinner, Deville speaks to Natalya in private about how she’s tired of Natalya not including her when she talks about other women’s wrestlers and their potential. Natalya fires back and says that she’s mad that Deville brought her girlfriend on this vacation. Deville then says if she is that big of a problem, then she and her girlfriend will leave Hawaii.

Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne Spends Some Alone Time Together

Now that WrestleMania 35 is over, Rousey is focused on starting a family. Her and Browne head off to Las Vegas to spend some quality time together.

At dinner, Browne is getting texts from his friend, who is getting married. Rousey is getting frustrated that his phone is going off every couple of minutes. Browne surprises Rousey with three bouquets. The two make up.

Rousey and Browne attend their friend’s wedding. Browne is officiating the wedding.

At the end of the episode (the next day), Deville doesn’t want to go surfing, especially since Natalya is going. Arianna decides to join Natalya and Liv Morgan, while the other ladies hang out at the house. Morgan calls Deville and lets her know that her, Natalya and Arianna are heading to the hospital, but doesn’t say why just yet.

That concludes this week’s episode. Thanks for watching!