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Natalya and Liv Morgan Get Injured While Surfing

Morgan and Natalya go surfing, and they both get stabbed by a Sea Urchin. They are on their way to the ER.

Morgan texts Sonya Deville and lets her know that Arianna, Natalya, and her are going to get checked out at the ER.

Coming back from the ER, Arianna and Natalya discuss the argument that Natalya and Deville had. Natalya informs Arianna that she is not the reason why they are fighting. She is happy that Arianna came on this trip with them. Natalya hopes that things can be resolved during this trip with Deville.

The Drama Between Natalya and Deville Continues

The ladies make their way back to their vacation house. They all sit around talking about what happened while they were surfing. Carmella asks Deville and Natalya if everything is good between the two of them. Natalya thinks that Deville was drunk when they had their confrontation. Deville laughs at that statement and walks away. Natalya says behind her back and to the rest of the ladies that she was not the bad guy in the fight. Deville storms back in and confronts Natalya for talking behind her back.

Morgan Is Grateful To Be On Vacation

The ladies all head down to the beach. Morgan thanks the ladies for letting her join them on their vacation. This is the first vacation she’s ever been on. She explains to the ladies that growing up, her mom was a single mom and couldn’t afford to take her and her siblings out that often.

Nikki Bella calls Morgan’s mom and invites her to come out to Maui to spend time with them. Morgan’s mom is so ecstatic that she says yes and thanks Nikki for inviting her.

Several days later, Natalya groups up all the girls and surprises Liv by having her mom arrive during their conversation.

Deville Wants To Tell Arianna How She Feels

Deville and Brie Bella spend some time alone discussing their significant others. Deville wants to plan a romantic gesture and tell Arianna how much she loves her, but she’s nervous. She is still trying to figure out how she’s going to do it.

The next day, Deville and Arianna go on a nature walk. Deville sets up a picnic. Deville tells Arianna that she loves her. Arianna says she loves her back. After, Deville gives Arianna a copy of her house key. She announces that she’ll be moving to Tampa.

The Ladies Set Sail

All the ladies, minus Carmella and Deville, make it on time to go on a sunset cruise. The captain turns the boat around so Carmella and Deville can join the group. Arianna thinks Deville purposefully ditched her. Deville also apologizes to Natalya. They both realize they were in the wrong and decide to make up.

Naomi Arrives To Maui

The ladies are surprised that Naomi came out to Maui! Naomi is having a great time on the beach.

Ronda Rousey Gets Her Hand Repaired

Rousey has a shattered knuckle. Her surgery goes well. The doctor says while she was waking up, she dropped a few F-bombs, so he knew she was starting to feel better. Everyone in the room laughs.

Nia Jax Goes Under The Knife

Jax is getting ready for her double ACL surgery. She is nervous. Her surgeries were a success. She is blessed to have had such a successful career this past year. Now, she wants to focus on getting better and making her comeback.

Rousey Says Goodbye

Natalya hosts a surprise party for Rousey. All her friends and family are celebrating her successful career in the WWE. The show ends with the women making a video to thank Rousey for elevating the women’s division. Rousey thanks all the ladies for being so good to her and for letting her shine. She isn’t sure what the future holds, but she hopes to come back to the WWE in the future.

That concludes this current season of Total Divas! Thanks for watching!