A couple of week ago Tommaso Ciampa revealed that he told WWE officials he wants to stay in NXT and doesn’t want to ever move to Raw or SmackDown.

Triple H discussed those comments and the reasoning behind them when he joined Corey Graves’ podcast.

“I think there’s a part of Ciampa that it comes down to wear and tear, and in his current place physically, could he handle the schedule? Could he handle the grind of a full-time schedule on Raw or SmackDown? It’s a different beast. Even though that schedule has dropped and has become more manageable especially if you have a family and everything else,” said Triple H.

Ciampa did cite his young daughter and family as a reason why he prefers NXT and their schedule as opposed to the hectic travel of being on the main roster.

“But for him he probably looks at it like look, if I get on the main roster, I have a run that is this long. If I was on NXT with a lessened schedule and a much more manageable schedule, I can do it for this long. He would rather do it for a long period of time and then transition into other things that he really loves,” Triple H said before revealing some of those things that Ciampa has already started to transition into.

“Like, when the time is right, he will be a phenomenal coach; he will be a phenomenal backstage producer. We are letting him get familiar with it now. He goes to Evolve now and he will go there and sign autographs, but during the day he is a producer. He goes and pulls the role that we do. He is going there and passing down the knowledge to those kids. He is an agent and a producer, and helps them with their shows and does everything else and when they are producing their television event or the digital event or whatever the event is that night, he is helping them that night. He is taking the things that we are teaching him and he is using it someplace else and that is going to translate into his career, too.”

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Peter Bahi contributed to this article.