As noted before at this link, this week’s WWE NXT episode ended with a ring filled full of fans as new NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley celebrated her main event title win over Shayna Baszler, who held the title for 416 days.

Above is new post-show footage of what happened after NXT went off the air on the USA Network. Ripley continued her celebration with the fans for several minutes before heading to the back with the title.

Below is post-show video of Jon Quasto interviewing The Nightmare after her big win. Ripley commented on being the first Superstar to hold the NXT UK Women’s Title and the NXT Women’s Title. Quasto asked how she was feeling after the win.

“To be honest, there’s actually no way to explain exactly how I’m feeling,” Ripley admitted. “The best way I can probably explain it is that I’m ecstatic. I got to go out there, do what I love, and man, making history once again. That’s what I do, I make history. And then I got to spend my winning time with everyone in Full Sail, and everyone at home. I even tried to have a mosh pit, you know, I even tried to crowd surf a little bit, but they wouldn’t let go. I guess they were just super happy, you know, like me. But I can’t complain.”

Ripley also took to Twitter after the show and commented. You can see her tweets below the video.

“Nightmares become reality!!!! #WWENXT,” she wrote. She added in another tweet, “This is now my @WWENXT!!! #WWENXT”