Welcome to Wrestling Inc's recap of WWE's The Bump. This show airs every Wednesday at 10 AM EST on the WWE Network, as well as on WWE's official YouTube, Twitter and Facebook pages. Join Kayla Braxton as well as several other panelists who discuss everything and anything that is going on both in and out of the WWE ring.

Rapid Rundown

- The panel begins the show by talking about Daniel Bryan and his recent transformation reveal at TLC. They joke about how Bryan never ages. Kayla Braxton believes that this is going to be a more dangerous Bryan than fans have seen before.

- Next, they discuss Seth Rollins and AOP's attack on Rey Mysterio during this week's Monday Night RAW.

- After, they talk about Lana and Bobby Lashley getting engaged. Braxton doesn't say too much on this subject.

-Tonight, the panel is excited to see what's in store on NXT for their winter season finale.

Adam Cole Joins In

Cole calls in. He's ready for his match against Finn Balor, which will be the first match on tonight's NXT for the NXT Championship.

The panel goes through a list of competitors Cole has had this year. Cole says that he enjoyed his matches with guys like Rollins and Bryan. He hopes he can defend his title more on the main roster.

Top Rope Topics

The panel recaps their favorite moments in 2019.

- Matt Camp says his favorite moment in 2019 was when Roman Reigns announced he was in remission from cancer.

- Evan T. Mack says when John Cena made his return as the Doctor of Thuganomics at WrestleMania 35 was his favorite.

- Dan Vollmayer says Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 35 for the WWE Universal Championship was his favorite. He was glad the main card opened with their match.

- Ryan Pappolla says his favorite moment was when Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Ronda Rousey got arrested.

- Braxton says her favorite moment was when Kofi Kingston won the WWE Championship, and when his sons came into the ring to celebrate.

Lana Joins In

Lana calls in. Braxton says hello. Lana stops her and says that Braxton is jealous, and that is why she wrote those comments on Twitter.

Camp takes over the interview and wants to know how she and Lashley got together. They go through their storyline timeline from September up until their engagement this past week.

A few arguments and disses occur.

After, Lana goes over all the details about her wedding. There is no set date yet.

Vic Joseph Joins In

After all the commotion from Lana, Joseph calls in. He applauds the panel for how they composed themselves throughout the interview.

Joseph talks about his love for pro wrestling. He says that Johnny Gargano helped him receive his position on commentary.

Breaking News w/ McKenzie Mitchell

- Randy Orton and Viking Raiders will face The O.C. on Raw next Monday (12/23).

- On January 8, when The Bump returns from the holidays, Kevin Owens will be their first guest.

Mick Foley Joins In-Studio

The panel takes a look back at Foley's career.

Mack asks Foley what his favorite Christmas movie is. Foley says it's "Elf." Foley gets upset that Camp says "Elf" is overrated.

Next, they play "Mick's Naughty or Nice List." Braxton names off names and Foley has to say whether or not they're naughty or nice.

That concludes this week's episode. The Bump will return on Wednesday, January 8. Happy Holidays everyone. We'll see you in the new year!