As seen on RAW last night, the Lana and Bobby Lashley romance is continuing and the two are set to get married in storyline (spoiler details on the wedding date are here).

WWE backstage interviewer Kayla Braxton, who hosts The Bump every Wednesday morning, is apparently not a fan of the angle. During Monday's RAW, she tweeted that she would be willing to put up her own money to not see Lana and Lashley together, writing, "I'll forego my paycheck to never see Lana and Lashley together on television again."

Lana responded to Braxton, tweeting, "Well you can thank me for making sure you still get paid.... because we are going to be on your TV FOREVER & EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Braxton will apparently have the opportunity to discuss the angle with Lana directly, as the future Mrs. Lashley will be appearing on The Bump this Wednesday. WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley is also scheduled to appear on the show.

You can see the exchange between Lana and Braxton below: