TLC Match for the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles: RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair vs. The Kabuki Warriors

We go to the ring for tonight's main event as Rome goes over the rules. We see more tables, ladders and chairs around the arena. We also see the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles hanging high above the ring. Out first is RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch. She heads to the ring and raises her title in the air. Charlotte Flair is out next to join Lynch in the ring. The pyro goes off as Flair makes her way down. Out last are WWE Women's Tag Team Champions The Kabuki Warriors - Asuka and Kairi Sane.

Rome does formal ring introductions before the match. The bell rings and the challengers go right to work on the champions. Flair unloads on Sane as Lynch takes Asuka to the corner. Flair tosses Sane to the floor. Lynch tosses Asuka out as well. Asuka gets launched into a bunch of chairs on a table. Flair takes the top of an announce table. Lawler says the Reigns vs. Corbin fight is still going on backstage. Flair sends Sane face-first and then drops her with a right. Sane flies off the apron but Flair knocks her out of the air with a big boot. Lynch has taken out Asuka on the floor.

Flair and Lynch keep their opponents down while clearing the announce tables. Lynch slams Sane on top of a table as Flair watches while standing on another table. Lynch tosses Sane from one announce table to the other where Flair is. Flair tosses Sane back to Lynch and they continue to beat her while she's down. Lynch and Flair bring a ladder in but Asuka attacks them both. Asuka with more offense to both challengers while they are down. Sane joins her in the ring and they double team Flair. Sane uses a chair on Flair. Asuka holds a chair to Flair's face and Sane dropkicks it into her. Fans cheer and some boo. Lynch gets up on the outside but they attack her. She fights them off. Asuka and Lynch fight in the ring now. Lynch levels Asuka.

Lynch bulldogs Asuka into a ladder on the mat. Flair and Lynch double team Sane with a ladder at ringside. Lynch assists as Flair goes to powerbomb Sane through a table on the floor but Asuka makes the save. The champs still get beat down on the outside. Lynch assists as Flair powerbombs Asuka into the ring post and this time they hit it. Asuka falls hard on the floor. Flair and Lynch bring a ladder in the ring now and position it under the titles. Sane looks like she has something backfire on the outside, hitting herself in the face. She snaps and starts throwing chairs in the ring. Flair throws one back and Sane stumbles back, falling on the floor amid all the debris.

Sane goes under the ring and the challengers try to pull her out. Sane has a fire extinguisher when they pull her out. She sprays them. Asuka appears with a rope and starts whipping both Flair and Lynch, unloading on them with the thick rope. Asuka goes wild and swings the rope around to a mixed reaction. Sane and Asuka double team Lynch on the floor. Sane laughs. Flair tries to fight but Asuka and Sane take her back down. Flair struggles with Sane as Asuka brings an announcer chair over. They sit Flair in the chair and trap her in it with a kendo stick across the lap. Flair kicks at them but they work her over while she's stuck in the chair. Asuka knocks Flair over in the chair.

Sane has tied the rope to a ladder now. Asuka beats on Lynch and slams her on top of that ladder. They wrap the rope around Lynch now, securing her to the ladder that is laid on the ground. Flair gets up on the floor but Asuka nails a sliding knee to the face from the apron. Asuka launches Flair into the barrier now. Asuka and Sane double team Flair on the outside now, tossing her over the barrier into the crowd. Asuka and Sane wave goodbye to Flair. We see the titles hanging above the ring now. Lynch is strapped to the ladder still and Flair is down in the front row. Asuka and Sane enter the ring and start climbing the ladder that has been set up. They get close to the titles but Flair runs in with kendo stick shots, knocking them off the ladder. The ladder is knocked over. Flair clears the ring and stands the ladder back up but stops and rams it into Asuka's face to stop her from coming back in. Sane also gets knocked back next to Asuka on the outside.

Flair tosses Asuka into the chairs on top of a standing table. Flair goes back to work on Sane and launches her into the barrier. Flair finally goes over to free Lynch from the rope and ladder but Asuka stops her with a steel chair shot. Sane comes over and helps Asuka send Flair into the steps. They keep Lynch secured to the ladder and work her over some more. Sane goes on top of one of the announce tables. Sane leaps for the InSane Elbow to Lynch but Lynch gets her knees up. She also drops Asuka. Lynch finally frees herself as Flair also recovers. The challengers unload on the champions now, using the various weapons and the barrier at ringside. Lynch unloads on Sane with a kendo stick now. Flair sends Asuka into a ring post. Flair sends Asuka into the barrier and then brings her back into the ring. Lynch brings Sane in and they look up at the titles.

Lynch has two chairs standing up in the middle of the ring. They put Asuka in one and Sane in the other, then take turns beating them up. Flair and Lynch charge at the same time, knocking the champions over in the chairs, sending them back out of the ring. Flair puts Asuka on a table on the floor now. Lynch goes to the top. Flair sends Sane into the steps to keep her down. Lynch flies from the top rope, putting Asuka through a table with the big leg drop as fans pop. The challengers both grab Sane and ram her into the ring post. They carry Sane over and ram her into another ring post, then slam her on the ground. They try to double suplex Sane through another table at ringside in front of the announcers. Sane counters and drops them with a double DDT on the floor. Sane puts Flair on the table at ringside, then puts Lynch next to her. Sane goes back to the apron and leaps. Flair moves but Lynch can't. Sane lands on the table and it doesn't break, but she did hit Lynch. Flair goes to powerbomb Sane through a table at ringside. Sane fights it but Flair nails it, smashing Sane through the table on the floor. Asuka runs up from behind and hits Flair with a German suplex on the floor.

Asuka buries Flair and Lynch under chairs, a ladder and a table on the floor. She then helps Sane up from the table debris. Asuka and Sane return to the ring and stand a ladder up under the titles. Flair and Lynch hit the ring with chair shots to the champions, beating them down. Fans are booing now. Asuka is on the apron with a chair. Flair hits a big boot, sending the chair in her face and knocking her off the apron. Sane ducks a Lynch chair shot on the floor and then decks her. Sane beats on Lynch at ringside now. Flair positions a table on the floor and stands it up. Flair puts Asuka on the table and goes to the top for a moonsault but Asuka jumps up and beats on her. Asuka goes for a huge powerbomb from the top through the table but Flair resists. Asuka overpowers and hits it. Flair goes through the table on the floor and lands hard. A referee immediately checks on her.

Lynch with a Bexploder to Asuka into the ladders at ringside, and another. Lynch returns to the ring and goes to climb but stops and beats Asuka with the rope as she enters. Lynch climbs up for the titles but Asuka uses the rope to pull the ladder over. Lynch lands hard on the ring. Asuka runs back in and stands the ladder up. Asuka climbs and retrieves the titles to retain and win the match.

Winners: The Kabuki Warriors

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