Ladder Match for the SmackDown Tag Team Titles: The Revival vs. The New Day

We go right to the ring as SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day come out first. We see the belts hanging high as Kofi Kingston and Big E head to the ring. Greg Hamilton does the introductions and goes over the rules. Out next comes The Revival - Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder. Cole shows us the Spanish and German announce teams at ringside.

The bell rings and both teams go at it. The Revival gets the upperhand to start but the champs drop them and Dawson is sent to the floor. Dash gets double teamed. The New Day with another big double team in the middle of the ring. Kofi and Big E go out to grab ladders but they get attacked by both challengers. The Revival works their opponents around at ringside but the champs turn it back around as the ladders come into play. Dash goes for Kofi's leg and takes him down. Dawson rocks Big E at the announce table and launches him into the steel steps.

The Revival double teams Kofi and sends him into the LED board on the apron now. They point up to the titles and bring a ladder into the ring. The Revival ends up beating Kofi down with a ladder at ringside. Kofi dodges another ladder double team, then leaps from the second rope back to the floor, taking down both opponents with the ladder and sacrificing himself. Dawson clutches his knee and yells out. Big E and Kofi bring a ladder into the ring now as fans rally for them. Dawson stops Kofi from entering and clotheslines him on the floor. Big E tangles with The Revival for the ladder now. He rams it back at both of them and they go down on the floor. Big E goes out and sends Dash into the steel. Big E lays Dash on a ladder and beats him. Big E runs the apron now ans goes to splash Dash on the ladder but Dawson pulls him to safety. Big E splashes the ladder hard and then falls to the floor.

The Revival goes to push the ladder in but Kofi runs the ropes and leaps out. He dives over the top onto The Revival but they catch him at ringside and then drop him on the floor. The Revival brings the ladder in and stand it up under the titles as fans boo. They both climb the ladder. Big E runs in and yanks Dawson off, then hits a belly-to-belly. Big E pulls Dash off and clotheslines him. Big E climbs up but Dawson goes to the top and dropkicks the ladder over. Big E falls bad on his knee and officials check on him.

The Revival with cheap shots and low blows to Big E while he's down in the corner. Fans boo them again. They continue to dominate Big E, launching him face-first onto a ladder leaning against the ropes. Kofi is trying to crawl back into the action. Kofi comes in and counters a double team, dropping both. Kofi goes to the top and uses the rope to slingshot the ladder up into the faces of the challengers. Big E with a Stretch Muffler on Dawson now. Dash breaks it up. Kofi rocks Dash. Kofi sends Dash out to the floor. Big E with another Muffler on Dawson while Kofi rams the ladder into Dawson. Fans chant "one more time!" now. The champs place the ladder under the titles again. The Revival takes Big E out and try to stop Kofi from climbing. He takes Dawson out with a big DDT as the ladder falls against the rope, and hits Trouble In Paradise on Wilder as fans pop big.

Kofi re-positions the ladder and climbs as fans cheer him on. Dawson stops it and they fight on the ladder. The Revival hits a big Shatter Machine from the ladder. Fans boo as The Revival looks to go for the titles again. Big E runs in and sends Dawson into the ring post. Big E takes Dash off the ladder and then hits a Spear, sending Dash flying from the apron to the floor for a big pop. Big E brings another ladder in and drives it into Dawson in the corner, and again. Big E pulls the ladder out of the ring. He brings another ladder, possibly taller, in the ring and stands it next to the other ladder that is standing under the titles. Dawson gets up but Big E sends him face-first into a ladder and he goes down. Big E brings a third ladder into the ring now. Dawson gets up but Big E fights him off. Big E bridges the third ladder from the corner to the ladder that is next to the first ladder. Dawson comes back but Big E rocks him and positions him on the ladder bridge. Dawson is laid out on the bridge. Big E climbs to the top turnbuckle. Dash comes over but Big E fights him off. Dawson climbs up from the bridge to Big E on the top. Dawson with a big suplex from the top onto the ladder bridge. Big E missed most of the bridge and hit the apron. They put Big E back onto the bridge as Dash goes to the top. Dash hits a big splash from the top, putting Big E through the ladder bridge.

Dawson climbs up for the titles now. Kofi leaps onto the ladder from out of nowhere. Dash also climbs up now. Kofi fights them both while up high at the titles. Dash slams Kofi's face into the ladder and he's knocked out while up high. Big E climbs up now. Big E hits a huge Big Ending to Dash, from high up on the ladder. Dawson can't believe it. Fans go wild and chant for Kofi to recover. Kofi finally starts waking up while Dawson climbs. Kofi is still at the top, hung up in the ladder. Kofi fights Dawson and uses the titles to knock him off. Dawson falls off and crashes through the other ladder. Kofi stands up on the ladder and retrieves the titles to win the match.

Winners: The New Day

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