As noted earlier at this link, WWE teased a split between Andrade and Zelina Vega on this week's RAW after Vega's interference backfired and led to Andrade taking a loss to Humberto Carrillo on this week's RAW.

The drama continued on Twitter after Andrade responded to a fan who suggested he get a new manager - girlfriend Charlotte Flair. Andrade responded with a grimacing face emoji, which is often mistaken for a smiling emoji, and exclamation points. Vega responded to that tweet and warned Andrade not to mix business with pleasure.

She wrote, "Yeah, brilliant idea.. mix business and pleasure [two face with rolling eyes emoji] These are the moments I want to smack some sense back into you. Don't play."

Andrade fired back and told Vega to just focus on business. He wrote, "You focus on the business and we should see won. I do not receive pleasure, Es amor! #Tranquilos #Breathe [three fist emoji]"

Flair has not responded to the comments from Vega. There's no word yet on if WWE has plans for a split between Vega and Andrade, but we will keep you updated. They have been together since the summer of 2017 when both were still in WWE NXT.

You can see the related tweets below: