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Big Swole vs. Diamante

Strong Hearts vs. Jurassic Express

Taz joins on commentary

And much more!

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Tony Schiavone and Dasha Gonzalez welcome fans to another edition of AEW Dark! The first match is announced.

Big Swole vs. Diamante

Both women lock up. Swole with an arm rigor. Diamante reverses it. Swole with a roll-up pin, cover, Diamante kicks out at 1. Swole goes for two more pins after, Diamante kicks out each time. Swole with a side headlock. The fans in the audience are 50/50 on who they're cheering for. Swole with a shoulder tackle, Diamante gets up, tries for an arm drag, Swole counters with a pump kick. Diamante now on the apron. Diamante is choking Swole over the top rope. Diamante is back in the ring. Diamante with two snap suplexes, couldn't get the third one in. Swole trapped in the corner, she makes her way out with an elbow and palm strike. Diamante fires back with a dropkick, cover, Swole kicks out at 1. Diamante grabs a pair of sandals and brings them into the ring. The referee takes one sandal out of her hands. Swole finds the other sandal in Diamante's pants. She smacks her with it. Swole with a knee strike, followed by a lariat. Diamante with multiple right strikes to Swole's midsection. Swole with dirty dancing (forearm strike), cover, Swole picks up the win!

Winner: Big Swole

And now, the main event!

Strong Hearts vs. Jurassic Express

T-Hawk and Jungle Boy begin the match. T-Hawk with a strong chop on Jungle Boy in the corner. Jungle Boy with a hip toss and kick to the face of T-Hawk, followed by a single dropkick. Jungle Boy with a chop of his own. Marko Stunt tags himself in. He is red hot with anger. El Lindaman is tagged in. Stunt pumps himself up- tries for a shoulder tackle, but El Lindaman doesn't budge. Stunt and El Lindaman go back and forth, Stunt sits on top of him for a cover, El Lindaman kicks out. Stunt tags in Luchasaurus. CIMA is tagged in. CIMA with a basement dropkick. Luchasaurus fires back with a kick of his own, takes out the other two members of Strong Hearts on the apron. Jungle Boy is tagged. Jungle Boy flies through the middle rope (twice). Stunt off the top rope with a Gorilla Press. T-Hawk and Stunt are back in the ring. T-Hawk locks in a submission. CIMA comes in, lands a running bulldog on Stunt. Strong Hearts with a powerbomb combination, Jungle Boy comes in on time to break the pin. Luchasaurus is tagged. Luchasaurus puts CIMA in the fireman's position, slams him right on top of T-Hawk. Luchasaurus with a standing moonsault on El Lindaman, cover, El Lindaman kicks out. CIMA flies through the ropes and takes out Stunt and Luchasaurus on the outside. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus conclude the match with a combination powerbomb, cover, Jurassic Express wins!

Winners: Jurassic Express