Big Swole And Kiera Hogan Comment On Tessa Blanchard Controversy

As noted, Impact star Tessa Blanchard was called out on social media by several wrestlers who said that she has bullied them in the past.

NWA World Women's Champion Allysin Kay was the first one to claim that in 2017, Tessa spat in Black Rose's face and called her the N-word in Japan. Later on La Rose claimed that it did happen in 2017.

AEW star Big Swole now has taken to Twitter to say that it's her turn to tell stories.

She wrote, "So since we telling stories....Big Swole's turn. I won't speak on all the other stories but the one about La Rosa I know personally. This past year at Wrestlecade I spoke to her about this and about hashing it out with Tessa. I've spoken to Tessa as well, after talking with La Rosa and I decided it needed to be dealt with. A conversation needed to happen because this was getting intense over the years. As a black woman this sickened me that this happened to a friend of mine. We have been dealing with this since it happened, it's just now finding light on social media. People are entitled to deal with this how they want. I just want the world to know the last part of the story."

Impact star Kiera Hogan also took to Twitter to comment about the claims of bullying and racism. Hogan tweeted, "I'm not speaking on any certain situation. I'm not speaking on any singular person. US AS PEOPLE NEED TO LEARN AND GROW. EVERYONE NEEDS TO EVOLVE. Just some words of wisdom is all. Just some advice. Hell, I'm talking to myself too."

Hogan before that replied to a tweet from Diamante. She wrote, "I'm saying though, we are all adults and we all make mistakes. It's our job as humans to learn, grow up and evolve."

Tessa Blanchard has denied ever spitting in Black Rose's face and calling her the N-word. She had replied to Kay's tweet, "Not true. That's my statement and the most attention I'll give it because of how actually ridiculous it is."