Tessa Blanchard Responds To Accusations, More Female Talent Speak Out (Updated)

NWA World Women's Champion Allysin Kay, Chelsea Green, and Priscilla Kelly took to Twitter, blasting Tessa Blanchard after the Impact start tweeted out, "Hey women, try supporting one another. Cool things happen."

NXT Superstar Chelsea Green responded, "You've consistently put down, bullied, and belittled countless female coworkers, including me. Is that support?"

Blanchard has since responded to Green's bully comment, writing, "I've never been anything but kind to u. I've dealt with mean girls since I started...not saying I'm a saint, hell I've had my ups & downs & I've made silly decisions...Such is life. u have ZERO merit in your comments...Instead putting me down here for a little clout...you've got my #!"

Kay brought up claims about Blanchard during a trip to Japan, "Remember when you spat in a black woman's face and called her the N-word in Japan? Was that you 'supporting women'? The AUDACITY of this tweet." Green responded to Kay with a .gif that said, "I remember that."

In regards to Kay's story, Blanchard wrote, "Not true. That's my statement and the most attention I'll give it because of how actually ridiculous it is."

Puerto Rican wrestler, Black Rose, has since responded, thanking Kay and Green, while also saying the story happened in 2017. Rose worked for Stardom in 2015 and 2017. Blanchard also worked for Stardom in 2016 and 2017.

"@Sienna & @ImChelseaGreen Thank you so much!...That story!...Yes, that's happens on Japan 2017! If Tessa Blanchard do not Remember it...Can I! I am not a mean girl with any coworkers around the world. Be kind of #racist is not ridiculous is a #sickness."

Additional wrestlers have chimed in over the last couple hours, including NXT UK's Isa Dawn writing to Blanchard, "As someone who experienced your bullying firsthand, received regular verbal abuse, was spat on, had rumours spread about me, dealt with multiple attempts by you to blacklist me from other companies, (plus more), I just pray you now follow your own advice."

Fellow Impact star, Moose, was in support of Blanchard, writing to both Kay and Green, "I guess you and @ImChelseaGreen are absolute angels with a clean past. The timing of these tweets from you guys shows a lot about your characters."

UPDATE: Former Impact star Rebel (Tanea Brooks), AEW's Shanna, and Renee Michelle had more to say about Blanchard's trip to Japan.

"I like to think people change over time. But I can confirm the bad behavior & non supportive attitude in Japan, I was there," Rebel wrote.

"She did more nasty stuff in Japan...Never forget. Practice what you preach sweetheart. I standby @LaAbusadoradePR, she's a fun loving person who would never disrespect anyone. Much love to you Rosa," Shanna commented.

"The day I got the call from my gf La Rosa Negra of the incident-she made me promise to keep my mouth shut because she was afraid of being blacked ball by her. As promised, I did. So I helped her get into Marvelous which is another Japanese promotion," Michelle revealed.

Allysin Kay followed up on why she's telling the story about Blanchard now, saying she was given permission to make it public.

"The reason I've never said anything until now is because it wasn't my story to tell. I made it clear to La Rosa that I had her back, and today was the day she gave me permission. You can't force someone to come forward, but you can be there for them. THAT is 'supporting women.'"

Michael Burmy contributed to this article.