During the TLC 2019 pre show, the Revival confronted Booker T over his comments about the Authors of Pain being the toughest tag team in WWE. This lead to a heated back and forth between Booker T and the Revival on the show where the Revival called out him and Stevie Ray for a match.

Stevie Ray shared his thoughts about a potential matchup between Harlem Heat and The Revival on Twitter, writing, “If The Revival wants some, it’s very easy for you to get some because Harlem Heat is not hard to find!”

Booker T was asked about Stevie Ray during a Q&A on Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager at Sea which led to Booker taking another shot at the Revival and teasing a potential matchup between the Hall of Fame team and the Revival.

“Stevie Ray is doing real good, we’re thinking about that Revival thing, we’re thinking about going out there and touching those boys up, breaking them off just a little piece of something proper like and showing them what old school wrestling is all about,” said Booker. “Like my brother said, we ain’t hard to find, we go out and do those boys like they supposed to be done, make them bow down, make them say daddy I don’t want none and I had enough. If they want some, we ain’t that hard to find.”

Harlem Heat has never wrestled a match in WWE. Earlier this month, WWE trademarked the “Harlem Heat” name. During an appearance on Ryback’s Conversations With The Big Guy podcast last year, Ray discussed why he never signed with WWE.

“When I stopped WCW, I went overseas for three-and-a-half years. I was going back and forth over there,” said Stevie. “I didn’t want to go to WWF; as a matter of fact, the last WCW Nitro I didn’t even attend and they sent me a ticket, but I was always in the mindset of this is competition to me. This is NFL vs AFL or National League vs American League in baseball. WCW vs WWF, to be honest with you bro, I didn’t want to go out like a b–ch.”

Stevie noted that he saw how WWE had been using his brother and didn’t want to go down that route.

“I wanted people to remember Harlem Heat as an ass-kicking tag team of color, you see what I’m saying? I didn’t want us to be something else. I didn’t want us to turn into a Doink the Clown, so I’m not saying that they would have done this with Harlem Heat, but I didn’t want to lose the edge that we once had as Harlem Heat,” said Stevie.

“But then I had seen what they did with my brother and his character, I was like, okay, it is what it is. Vince McMahon does things his way, but I’m not mad, it’s his show and he can do whatever he wants to do. But I just wanted people to be honest and break it down. I wanted people to remember Harlem Heat the way that they remember them today.”

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