Bray Wyatt And The Fiend Have A Message For Matt Hardy

WWE Universal Champion "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt took to Twitter today with a message for his former tag team partner and enemy Matt Hardy.

"dear matt, i couLd nEver hurT you. i could heal you, just like you did for Me. whEn the world threw me away you were the only one offering to pick me up. and I Never forget.....," Wyatt wrote.

As you can see the capital letters in the post spell out "LET ME IN," which could be another message from The Fiend.

This appears to be a reference to Matt's "Free The Delete" episode that we recapped on Friday at this link. That episode, which may have included references to Matt's WWE departure and Sister Abigail, had some fans speculating on Matt indicating that his feud with Wyatt actually hurt him in the longrun. Matt has not confirmed this.

Matt did respond to Bray's tweet today. He wrote, "4 I Never Forget Incredibly Noble Interventions Thank You"

You can see their full tweets below: