As seen above, Matt Hardy has released the 7th episode of his “Free The Delete” series on YouTube. Below is a “catch up” video and the previous 6 episodes. It’s noted on YouTube that Matt writes and creates the show, while wife Reby Hardy does the filming and editing. They both produce the series. You can click here to read our article about Matt’s recent comments on the idea behind “Free The Delete” and how he’s performing for fans these days.

The YouTube description for the 7th episode reads like this: “In ‘FREE THE DELETE’ Episode 7, Matt learns the dark fate of ZENITH, the ESSENCE housed inside his VESSEL. This devastating news leaves Matt in a state of LIMBO. A gathering of family and friends occurs in the #HouseHardy Starcade Arcade, with hopes it will help Matt overcome his disappointment and depression.”

This new episode apparently features a reference to WWE Universal Champion “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt and Sister Abigail. Matt asks the voice guiding him who gave a command in the last episode and the voice says the command came from Abomination. “The command came from Abomination. You probably know her from her aliases – Abscess or Abigail.”

This was said over a shot of a woman laying in the Lake of Reincarnation, which Matt sent Wyatt into during The Ultimate Deletion match back on RAW in March 2018.

Another highlight from this episode is a possible reference to Matt leaving WWE. Its been reported that Matt’s current WWE contract expires on March 1st of this year, and that creative differences are keeping the two sides from agreeing on a new contract. The video mentions how Matt’s Zenith will “cease to exist” past 3220 as it has been terminally infected by Abomination and Kennagen. It’s been speculated that the Kennagen character is meant to be Vince McMahon or something similar, related to WWE. It’s now believed that the 3220 mention is a reference to Matt being done with WWE as of March 2, 2020.

The voice tells Matt to let Zenith die and be buried with pride, as a martyr. Matt is shown being buried in a hole at that point. Soon after, the episode skips to “3 days later” as we see Matt grabbing one of his action figures while at the local (or personal) arcade with his sons. Matt, who may be wearing a Wyatt-like sweater in this segment, just wants to be left alone, and not even ice cream will cheer him up. The episode ends with Reby checking on Matt and asking what’s wrong. Matt says he just wants to left alone and after going off on her husband, Reby slaps Matt and tells him to snap out of it.

“You’re right. I am going to go raw until I get my Broken Brilliance back,” Matt said as he stormed off to close the episode.

As noted earlier this month, creative issues are said to be a “major hurdle” between Matt and WWE right now as his contract gets ready to expire. Matt recently returned to action on the RAW brand and has lost 3 straight TV matches, to Buddy Murphy, Drew McIntyre and Ricochet. You can click here for the latest backstage update on the WWE futures of The Hardy Boys, both Matt and Jeff Hardy.

Below are the first 6 “Free The Delete” episodes and the catch-up video for the new episode seen above: