Recently on Talk Is Jericho, AEW World Champion Chris Jericho welcomed Darby Allin to the podcast. Among many other things, Allin talked about his AEW run thus far. According to Allin, AEW is almost too good to be true, as he feels as though he is in charge of his own destiny.

"It's almost too good to be true. Like, I don't know. It's sick as s--t. No, like, as being a creative person my whole life, as I was, it's just like you're in charge of your own stuff, so it's, like, sick, just to do whatever you want." Allin explained, "yeah, so, like, the thing is, it's like if I'm going to get over, I'm going to get over, like, being myself instead of, like, getting something, like, s--tty handed to me and I fail type [of] thing. So at least I know I'm kind of in charge of my own destiny in a way."

Allin, who claims to have turned down WWE in the past, admitted on the podcast that he has not had firsthand experience working in a highly scripted environment such as WWE. However, the master of the Coffin Drop indicated that he has had some experience with WWE performers from working in EVOLVE.

"I used to work in a company called EVOLVE, which is like a sister company to WWE at the time." Allin continued, "I had wrestled their guys, but it was always kind of like, it kind of felt like it was handed to me, like, 'oh,' like, I guess they assumed everyone was like a super fanboy. Like, 'oh, you're going to wrestle this guy, so this will make you happy.'

"But, like, I'm not here… I'm not a fanboy. Like, I'm not here to wrestle people and brag online, 'oh, I got to wrestle this NXT Superstar. This is so cool.' I couldn't give a s--t. It's not cool when you have all these hospital bills and you're living in your car and stuff like that."

On the subject of living in his car, Allin said he was homeless for over a year.  

"Yeah, I was living in there for, like, a year-and-a-half" Allin recalled. "Atlanta [Georgia]. Yeah, I started wrestling in Seattle [Washington]. Then, I moved to Florida once I signed to EVOLVE, and from there, I moved to Atlanta because I didn't feel like I was getting out of Florida what I wanted training-wise, so I just left, and went to all these different schools around the country, and just living in my car."

When Jericho asked Allin where he would relieve himself when he was homeless and 'The Invisible Man' told a story of once dropping a deuce in a pizza box.

"I was parked at this apartment complex," Allin remembered. "I had like the worst diarrhea that night. I crapped in a Pizza Hut box, a cardboard box. Yeah, no, so that answers the question where the bathroom was [while homeless]. But, besides that, I used to park inside parking garages and stuff like that. And I have an Anytime Fitness membership, so I always cooked my food at the Anytime Fitness with the George Foreman [Grill] in the bathroom. Yeah, it was really cool. I kind of miss that lifestyle in a weird way."

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