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Don Callis and Josh Mathews welcome fans to a new episode of Impact Wrestling! The Impact World Champion, Tessa Blanchard, kicks off the show.

The fans start a "Tessa" chant. She is glad to be champion and says that it's been "a hell of a journey." She knows that she has several targets on her back, and one of them is Sami Callihan. She wants him to watch his back. She cannot wait to fight him again, and move on to other competitors. She calls him out. Instead of Callihan coming out, out comes Impact Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie (with John E. Bravo). Valkyrie recalls all the media she has heard about Blanchard- how she's made history, how she broke the mold, etc. After, Valkyrie recalls that each match she's had with Blanchard, she has always chickened out (in her opinion). Blanchard wants Valkyrie to put her money where her mouth is and fight. The music of Ace Austin hits. Austin recalls when that he beat Blanchard for the X-Division Championship several months back. Then, he tries to hit on her. Blanchard takes Austin down. Valkyrie goes after Blanchard. Trey makes his way down to the ring and takes out Austin. Blanchard sends Valkyrie out of the ring, too.

It's announced after the opening credits, that these four will be in a tag team match, tonight. This will be the main event.

Jimmy Jacobs sits down with Willie Mack. Mack says that his match at Hard To Kill was a bit of a challenge, especially since The North was playing mind games with him throughout the match. He says his future plans are to move forward and to challenge The North for the Impact World Tag Team Championships when Rich Swann is cleared to compete. Johnny Swinger interrupts the interview and adds his two cents in about how he would be a great tag team partner. Mack declines his offer.

Backstage: Valkyrie is not too happy she has to face Blanchard tonight. While she's talking to Bravo, Madison Rayne and Kiera Hogan show up. They want their title shot opportunity. Valkyrie tells them to both face each other next week and whoever wins, she'll face the winner first and the other challenger (loser) the following week.

Up next, a triple threat match!

Moose vs. Taurus vs. Rhino

Moose wants none of this and eliminates himself. Taurus and Rhino square up. Rhino with a strong shoulder tackle. Taurus gets up and lands a few chops. Moose on the outside pins Taurus up in the ropes. He gloats about it on the outside. Their match will continue after the break.

Back from the break, Rhino slams Taurus on the canvas with a high hip toss. Moose is still on the outside. Rhino and Taurus step out of the ring. Moose flies back in the ring. Rhino and Taurus are closing in on the apron. Moose goes for a strike, Rhino and Taurus take turns striking him, then taking him down with double elbows. Taurus with a thunderous chest chop on Moose. Moose fights back and sends both men towards opposite turnbuckles. Moose with a foot chokehold on Taurus, runs over to the other side and does the same thing to Rhino. The fans chant "You can't wrestle." Moose pokes Rhino's eyes. Moose is having a hard time lifting Taurus up for a suplex. Instead, Moose sends Taurus shoulder first into the ring post. Moose grabs hold of Taurus, chops him into the corner. Moose with the GTH on Taurus off the ropes. Rhino with a belly-to-belly suplex on Moose. Rhino's Gore gets countered. Moose kicks Rhino right in the groin. Taurus gets up, Rhino finally lands the Gore on Moose. Taurus takes out Rhino, pins Moose, and picks up the victory.

Winner: Taurus

Backstage: Gabby Loren interviews Jordynne Grace. Loren asks Grace what she plans to do about the Knockouts Championship. Grace says that she wants to be in Hogan and Rayne's match next week.

Backstage: Joey Ryan is told that someone is looking for him. Ryan walks into the bathroom and finds Tommy Dreamer (who's wearing a sombrero). Dreamer informs Ryan that he has another date at Wrestler's Court. Ryan says he's not doing this again, and leaves.

Joey Ryan makes his way down to the ring for his singles match!

Joey Ryan vs. Maximo

Ryan oils himself up before the bell rings. Bell rings, Ryan yells out for Maximo to touch "it." Maximo instead just kicks his leg. Maximo with an elbow drop on Ryan. Ryan with a dropkick follows it with a middle rope dive. Ryan tries to get Maximo to touch "it" again. Instead, Maximo kisses him. Ugh oh, Maximo touched "it." Ryan with a d**k flip, connects the sweet tooth music, cover, Ryan wins!

Winner: Joey Ryan

Backstage: Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes are disgusted with Ryan's match. Loren tries to get a comment from them, but they end up leaving the interview.

Backstage: Michael Elgin calls out Eddie Edwards, again. He wants him to know that he is coming for him and their feud is far from over.

Up next, a Knockouts match!

Havok (w/ Father James Mitchell and Suzie) vs. Rosemary

Havok runs towards Rosemary, Rosemary ducks out of the way and runs out of the ring. She tries saying something to Mitchell and Suzie and then heads back in the ring. Havok slams Rosemary's back towards the apron. Rosemary fights back with a few back chops. Havok sends Rosemary inside the ring. Rosemary refuses to go back in. They head up to the ramp. Havok Samoan drops Rosemary. The referee begins the count. Havok is back in the ring. Rosemary makes her way back to the ring, slowly. Rosemary climbs to the top rope and dives off, landing on Havok. Havok props herself back up. Rosemary with an elbow strike, follow by a sling blade. Havok with a knee to Rosemary's face. Rosemary spits some green mist in Mitchell's eyes as he makes his way up to the apron. Havok ends the match with a tombstone piledriver, cover, Havok wins.

Winner: Havok

Post-Match: Mitchell is looking for Suzie, who left him at ringside. He runs to the back to find her.

Backstage: The Desi Hit Squad have a chat before Rohit Raju has his match against Mack tonight.

At The Treehouse: The Rascalz are having a good time, asking Trey if he is excited to team up with Blanchard tonight. Wentz and Dez have more to smoke, since Trey has to get ready for his match tonight. Their supply is really making them trip!

Backstage: Eddie Edwards fires back at what Elgin said earlier. Elgin finds him and they both start to brawl before security separates them.

Up next, more singles action!

Rohit Raju (w/The Desi Hit Squad) vs. Willie Mack

Raju runs towards Mack. Mack sends Raju down with an arm drag. Raju strikes back, cover, Mack kicks out. Raju puts Mack in headlock. Mack climbs up and breaks out of the hold. Mack kicks Raju. Shera pulls Raju out of the ring. Mack flies out of the ring and takes out Shera and Raju. Mack puts Raju up in the fireman's position, plants him to the canvas. He lands a standing moonsault after. Raju gets up, Raju climbs the top rope and flies off, Mack moves out of the way. Mack with a stunner, goes for the cover, and wins the match!

Winner: Willie Mack

Post-Match: Shera comes in and attacks Mack. Johnny Swinger makes his way towards the ring. Shera stops Swinger in his tracks. The Desi Hit Squad takes both men out.

Next, The Impact Plus Moment of the Week is shown.

Backstage: The North is bragging about how great they are. Little do they know, they may have some challengers from AAA who want a shot at their titles next week.

And now, the main event!

Taya Valkyrie (with John E. Bravo) & Ace Austin vs. Tessa Blanchard & Trey

As Blanchard walks down the ramp, a glitch appears on the screen. Could it be a message from Callihan?

Valkyrie and Blanchard begin the match. Blanchard got the best of Valkyrie and she tags in Austin. Blanchard with a side headlock on Austin. After the hold is broken, Blanchard tags in Trey. Trey with a bulldog, followed by a rana on Austin. Blanchard and Trey with double dives, take down their opponents on the outside. Their match will continue after the break.

Back from the break, Blanchard, and Trey work together and take down Austin. Trey covers Austin, Austin kicks out. Austin with a suplex on Trey, cover, Trey kicks out. Austin with an arm drag. He heads over to his corner and tags in Valkyrie. Trey fights back by kicking Valkyrie on the back of her leg. Valkyrie fires back with a dropkick. Valkyrie tags in Austin. Austin with a few kicks towards Trey's midsection. Austin sends Trey into the corner. Austin ties up Trey in the corner. Valkyrie comes in the ring with another dropkick. Austin with a cover, Trey kicks out. Austin with two back suplexes, cover, Trey kicks out again. Austin keeps Trey down with an arm lock. Trey gets up with a big-time kick. He tags in Blanchard. The referee did not see the tag and pushes Blanchard back towards the apron. Trey with a standing backflip on Austin, he tries crawling over to tag in Blanchard. Trey does it, he tags in Blanchard. Blanchard off the top rope lands a crossbody on Austin. Blanchard with a rana and a cutter on Valkyrie. Valkyrie tags in Austin. Blanchard with a tilt-a-whirl DDT on Austin. Blanchard tags in Trey. Trey with a dropkick on Austin, cover, Austin kicks out at 2.5. Trey goes up top. Valkyrie pushes Trey off the top rope. Blanchard takes out Valkyrie on the outside. Austin lands The Fold on Trey, cover, Austin and Valkyrie win.

Winners: Ace Austin and Taya Valkyrie

That concludes tonight's show. Here's a sneak peek for what's to come on next week's episode!