Impact Wrestling Hard to Kill goes down tonight in Dallas, and yesterday Impact had a number of wrestlers speak to the media. Wrestling Inc. was at the event and Managing Editor Nick Hausman asked Ryan why he decided to sign with Impact Wrestling

“I really, really enjoy?I could probably use the word ‘love’ the independent wrestling scene, it’s where I thrive,” Ryan said. “It’s where I really get motivated. The fact that Impact offered me a deal that was non-exclusive, and I could still do the independent scene, that was probably the most appealing part to it. I don’t think I ever want to give that up. I’m exclusive, as far as national television … which meant I can still do a lot of the independents that I really, really enjoy.”

Ryan was then asked about dream opponents in Impact, and without naming specific wrestlers, Ryan would like to work with some of the Knockouts.

“I’ve done a lot of intergender wrestling and Impact really embraces intergender wrestling,” Ryan stated. “I’d like to do some stuff with the Knockouts in the Knockouts Division because from my experience from the independent wrestling there’s a whole audience that wants to get behind that. I think you see it now with superhero movies and television shows where they have these strong, powerful female characters. I think that is starting to lend itself to wrestling. Without pinpointing any specific wrestlers, I think just being able to do something different on television, like intergender wrestling, would be very cool for me.”

Tessa Blanchard was then brought up as a leader when it comes to intergender wrestling as she’s worked many of them in her career, and if he’s pulling for her against Impact World Champion Sami Callihan.

“I’ve known Tessa and Sami for awhile now, but Tessa is a great wrestler to have to carry that flag,” Ryan said. “For me?I’m a little bit biased?my old tag team partner, Candice LeRae, is the best intergender wrestler I’ve ever witnessed, but where she’s at now, she’s not allowed to do that. So, I think Tessa being the face of intergender wrestler, she’s a good representative of it. Personally?because of what I think it would do for the business?I’m rooting for Tessa. I’m hoping she wins.”

You can see Ryan’s full comments in the video above. Wrestling Inc. will have complete coverage of Hard to Kill, beginning at 8 pm ET.

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