Mance Warner Reflects On Wild Jimmy Havoc Feud Ahead Of Barbed Wire Match At MLW Zero Hour

After applying his craft on the indies for four years, Mance Warner got his first exposure of a national promotion when he joined MLW in 2019. Warner has an upcoming barbed wire match with Havoc at MLW's Zero Hour and he talked about it when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

"Old Mancer is gonna step in that ring surrounded by barbed wire and I'm gonna beat the s–t out of Havoc and that's it," Warner said before detailing the history between he and Havoc. "Jimmy Havoc started to get paid off by Selena and there was an issue there. Then ever since then, I don't respect the guy and we'll beat the hell out of each other until one of us ain't there anymore."

Most performers would get terrified at the thought of having a barbed wire match, but Warner just sees it as another day at the office.

"For me it's another day at work. I show up and do what I gotta do," Warner said before revealing that a fan at a show thought he wasn't actually bleeding real blood at a recent show. "He was so confused that ol' Mancer got his head busted open. Back to that barbed wire, throw a piece of bologna across that barbed wire. It's gonna cut it all out and that's exactly what we're gonna be thrown into.

"Jimmy may not like it or enjoy it, but that's fine because I'm gonna cut him up out there."

Warner said he's been in matches where there is barbed wire wrapped around a chair or table but never in a match where the whole ring is wrapped in barbed wire.

Havoc and Warner recently had a Falls Count Anywhere match on MLW Fusion and the two fought all over the city of Orlando.

"It was awesome. You don't see a lot of stuff like that. At one point we fought in his damn apartment. We were fighting in the street and out in the Full Sail parking lot," recalled Warner. "You don't see a lot of sh*t like that these days as you see it scripted and it all looks the same. I like taking pride in what Mancer does and you ain't gonna see it everywhere."

Another gimmick match between the two was a "Prince of Darkness" hooded match also on MLW Fusion. That type of match hasn't been seen in nearly 30 years and Warner explained how it came about.

"It seems like Jimmy always goes after my eyeballs and I'm the Eyepoke God so it just makes sense. We'll put these masks on out there, can't see nothing, and we'll go out and fistfight each other," Warner said while noting that the last match like this took place in 1991 and there's a reason for that. "We showed that we could get one of those matches over and had people entertained. That sumb*tch Jimmy is still up to no good and had his ol' girl Priscilla hit me in the gonads and dropped me and ran off."

Warner added that he doesn't know why Priscilla Kelly is with Jimmy, maybe for the money. But he says, it's just one more person he has to look out for.

"If she wants to get involved then get on in there. There's barbed wire all around the ring so I'm not opposed to throwing a female into barbed wire out there," stated Warner.

Havoc and Warner have engaged in a months-long feud and Warner was asked if this upcoming barbed wire match will finally be the culmination of that.

"I've thought that before in other fights we've had, but now I'm not too sure," admitted Warner. "We could be doing this for years and years. Jimmy Havoc could be the guy that ol' Mancer fights for the next 10 years. There's no way to know for sure.

"I don't know if we'll be friends but we'll be making some money."

Mance Warner will take on Jimmy Havoc this Saturday night at MLW's Zero Hour in Dallas, TX. For tickets and more information please visit

Mance's full interview with Wrestling Inc aired as part of Thursday's episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded audio player at the bottom of this post. In the full interview Mance discusses his bloody MLW feud with Jimmy Havoc, their upcoming barbed wire match at Zero Hour, their recent Falls Count Anywhere and Prince of Darkness matches, deathmatch wrestling going mainstream, comparisons between he and Steve Austin and more.

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