MLW Zero Hour will air in parts via MLW Fusion over the next several weeks.

Wrestling Inc Managing Editor Nick Hausman was in attendance for the show.

Dark Match: Logan Creed def. Moonshine Mantel via pinfall

Creed is very tall and imposing. Good opener. Creed won with a Jackknife Powerbomb.

MATCH #1: Myron Reed (c) def. Drago via pinfall to retain the MLW World Middleweight Champion

Injustice cut a brief pre-match promo that got a fair amount of heat. Drago represented Triple A and the crowd was very into him. Injustice interfered throughout the match leading to Reed picking up the victory. There was a weird moment at the end where the referee didn’t count three before eventually counting three and ending the bout.

MATCH #2: Marshall Von Erich def. MJF via submission

The Dallas crowd was decidedly for Marshall Von Erich (duh) and against MJF (double duh). Marshall is really impressive, very cool watching him get to wrestle in Dallas. After several teases Marshall was able to lock The Claw on MJF. Crowd went nuts.

MATCH #3: Dominick Garrini def. Zenshi via submission

Lawlor came out before the match and taunted the crowd by spitting on a Von Erichs shirt. Lawlor then introduced Garrini as the newest member of his Team Lawlor Dojo. Garrini and Zenshi spent a fair amount of time trying to out-wrestle one another here. At one point the referee stopped the match and brought a medical technician out to tend to Zenshi. Garrini threw off the technician, attacked Zenshi and slapped on an armbar for the win.

MATCH #4: Erick Stevens def. Douglas James via pinfall

The crowd didn’t seem to know either too well at the start but were into it by the end. Both men were landing hard strikes to win over the audience.

MATCH #5: Alex Hammerstone (c) def. Aerostar via pinfall to retain the MLW National Openweight Championship

Hammerstone made largely short work of Aerostar. Hammerstone raked Aerostar’s eyes behind the referee’s back before rolling him up for the win.

MATCH #6: Richard Holliday def. Savio Vega via pinfall

Quick match. Savio looks like he’s dropped 30-40 pounds since he debuted for MLW, he was moving really well too. Holliday won via an elevated swinging neckbreaker for the pin.

MATCH #7: Ross Von Erich def. Tom Lawlor via DQ

Lawlor and Ross went about ten minutes before Garrini came in and attacked Ross. Marshall came out for the save and the place errupted. Erick Stevens then ran to the ring to aide Team Lawlor and the three beat down Marshall and Ross. There was so much heat for this that a fan threw an entire garbage can at the ring. Lawlor then put on a flashing cowboy hat, tied up the Von Erichs and shoved the Texas flag down his pants. Eventually The Von Erichs would clean house and Team Lawlor went running.

MATCH #8: King Mo def. Dr. Dax via submission

Mo won this in about a minute. Dax had to be over three hundred pounds and was under a mask. Mo won when he put Dax in a sleeper hold and took him to the mat.

MATCH #9: Gino “El Intocable” Medina def. Septimo Dragon (w/ Konnan) via pinfall

Good match but it felt like it was the victim of a quiet crowd due to how many matches there have been so far. Post-match Holiday joined Medina to beat down Dragon on behalf of The Dynasty. Konnan then entered the ring and helped Dragon run them off.

MATCH #10: Drago & Puma King def. Injustice and Low Rider-Taurus (presented by Salina de la Renta) via pinfall when Drago pinned Low Rider

Tons of action. Well worth seeking out to take it in for yourself.

MATCH #11: Jacob Fatu (c) def. Brian Pillman Jr. via pinfall to retain the MLW World Heavyweight Championship

Fatu and Pillman wrestled for about ten minutes before Injustice attacked Pillman on the outside behind the refs back. Pillman was rolled back into the ring where Fatu delivered his big moonsault for the pin.

MATCH #12: Low Ki def. Chandler Hopkins via submission

The crowd is really starting to hit a wall with the amount of matches. The action was good but the crowd only started to light up after Chandler missed a shooting star press. Following that Ki was able to pick him up and throw him in a sleep hold for the win.

MATCH #12: the Von Erichs (c) def. The Dynasty (MJF and Richard Holliday) via pinfall for the MLW World Tag Team Championships

Ross took all the heat for the first two-thirds of the match. Crowd went nuts as Marshall started clearing house. Towards the end Hammerstone came out to help the Dynasty and was run off by Mance Warner. Von Erichs won with a Claw-side suplex finisher.

MATCH #13: Davey Boy Smith Jr def. Simon Gotch via knockout in a No Ropes Street Fight Match

This was essentially a Bloodsport match. Lots of hard hits and body manipulation. Davey won after dropped Gotch HARD with a pair of reverse suplexes.

MATCH #14: Mance Warner def. Jimmy Havoc via pinfall in a No Ropes Barbed Wire Match

Pure brutality. Exactly what you’d expect from these two. Mance piled up table pieces, chairs and barbed wire before piledriving Havoc through it all for the win. If you enjoy deathmatches I’d encourage you to seek this one out.