Super Bowl 54 is this Sunday so Roman Reigns and Baron Corbin and sent out to interview players from the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers for opening day of the Super Bowl. Corbin and Reigns both played football before signing with WWE. Corbin played Division II football at Northwest Missouri State University and signed with the Indianapolis Colts and Arizona Cardinals. Roman Reigns played for Georgia Tech and signed with the Minnesota Vikings and Jacksonville Jaguars.

The two interviewed the teams their favorite teams. Corbin, born in Kansas is a fan of the Cheifs, while Reigns is a fan of the 49ers.

Coming off the Royal Rumble event, Corbin asked the Chiefs players who would win the Rumble match if the match featured their roster. The popular pick for most of the players was defensive tackle Chris Jones. Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce even referred to Jones as "Stone Cold" Jones. Another popular pick was fullback Anthony Sherman who said, "I'm winning. I'm taking it home."

Corbin also asked who would be the first to be eliminated. Punter Dustin Colquitt was the popular pick, but he rejected the notion that Sherman would win jokingly saying, "I think he paid people to say that." Colquitt also added about his chances to win a Rumble match, "beware of that left leg because it's coming for your face."

Finally, Corbin asked Kelce what his finisher would be if he was a wrestler, and he said, "Torture rack. You just gotta throw somebody on your shoulders and break their back."

Reigns asked similar type of questions with the 49ers players, and tight end George Kittle was the popular pick, who is a well known fan of wrestling. He recently had an image of The Rock on his cleats.

When asked about who he thinks would be the first to be eliminated, he said, "I think we throw (quarterback) Jimmy (Garoppolo) out first. He gets too much attention. Throw him out of the ring. Get him out of there and let the attention be on us for a change."

Check out the clips below: