Tessa Blanchard made history at Impact Wrestling's Hard to Kill as she defeated Sami Callihan for the Impact World Title. That made her the first woman to hold a major world championship and while some fans love the idea, others hate it like Booker T, who said it's the worst idea in Impact's history.

Ryback voiced his opinion on Blanchard's historic win when Wrestling Inc's Raj Giri joined Conversations With The Big Guy Ryback.

"It's weird to me. And I say this from the standpoint of if Brock Lesnar came out on Raw and wanted to be the women's champion, is that okay? There's a reason they have titles and things of that nature and I don't understand why they're going that way. If they're just trying to get people talking, that's not a good road to go down," said Ryback who then echoed Booker T's sentiment that Blanchard's world title win is the worst idea in Impact Wrestling history.

"It's nothing against Tessa as she's just doing her job. My thing is, now does she defend the heavyweight champion against other women? What about the other men on the roster? Where do you go from it?

"I think there would be outrage amongst women in all of sports if men wanted to fight for women's titles… There would be so many arguments as to why you shouldn't do that. So why is it okay to go the other way?"

Ryback then made a comparison to the different weight divisions in sports like MMA and wrestling. He thinks it's unrealistic for someone who's a lightweight to dethrone a heavyweight.

"There's this thing called real life and when you put a lightweight in the ring with a heavyweight the majority of the time, they get smashed because that's just the way it f***ing is. If an all out war broke out in this world, men vs. women, who do you think is gonna be standing at the end of the day? It's not that women aren't capable but I don't know why we're blurring the lines on this sh*t. Tessa, I'm happy for her, but it's part of a bigger problem in wrestling as to why it's not drawing anymore. We've thrown all the rules out the window," stated Ryback.

"I get that it's entertainment but this isn't a superhero movie though. This whole video game generation and everyone wants this fantasy world. Pro wrestling is the illusion of a real fight and the closer you can keep it to that, the better it will draw overall."

Ryback suggested Impact is just doing this to get people talking on the internet and on social media.

"I'm very interested to see where they go from here. Booker's not wrong and you have divisions for a reason," said Ryback.

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