Last week Becky Lynch suggested that WWE should drop classifying the Women's Division as the "Women's" Division and simply refer to them as Superstars, just as they do with male wrestlers. Coincidentally, just days later it was reported that WWE will be dropping the term "Women" from the NXT Women's Title.

Ryback weighed in on that potential name change when Wrestling Inc.'s Raj Giri joined him on Conversations With The Big Guy on Ryback TV.

"I saw the Becky Lynch thing where she said the term 'Women' was holding them back and how far do we go with this? It's really…I don't know. But they're the ones doing it and living it. My thing is, if you're gonna do it then have different names for all the titles so that they could be distinguished. For wrestling fans, you wanna be clear, cut and dry on everything," said Ryback.

"I would have no problem if you call it the Men's NXT Championship as it helps identify the title. It's just odd to me that the one girl speaking up on it calls herself The Man. It's really odd and I don't get it. There's nothing to be ashamed of. It's not holding you back and it's a way to identify the title."

He then questioned if this is being done so there's no gender identity to the title so that anybody can fight for any title just as what's going on in Impact Wrestling. Ryback says this would make it easier for a woman to go after a man's title.

"You wanna blur these lines but how many women are playing in the NFL? Why aren't they? There's men and there's women and we're two completely different things. We coexist together. We have traits that they don't have and they have traits that we don't have," stated Ryback.

"This isn't being sexist. I have wrestled and been in the ring training with women and I can't go full-speed. That's with women in the WWE Hall of Fame. There's a reason why women wrestle women and men wrestle men. There is always an exception to the rule – there could be a woman who comes along that is genetically superior to men. But it would be a very rare situation.

"Pro wrestling has always been based off reality and the allusion of a pro fight. If you start getting away from that, I don't know if people can get behind that."

Ryback noted that he has no issues with renaming the belts, but that each title should still have its own unique name.

"If they wanna drop the 'Women', I'm okay with that and it's no hair off my back," said Ryback. "It's just from a confusion standpoint, let's create different names for all of the titles.

"No man would be upset if they added 'Men' to men's titles."

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