As noted at this link, The Usos returned to WWE TV on last night’s SmackDown and saved Roman Reigns from another dog food beatdown by Dolph Ziggler and King Baron Corbin after Reigns teamed with Daniel Bryan in the main event. Bryan was attacked by WWE Universal Champion “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt.

The brothers are now on the blue brand roster after being on the RAW roster before they were taken off TV back in July.

Above is post-show video of Reigns, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso talking to Cathy Kelley about the big return.

“We had to come back and we missed the WWE Universe just as much as they missed The Usos,” Jimmy declared. “And a big night for us, man, we got to come out and help our Uce once again. I love it. We here now. We was away, got things right on track…”

Jey added, “You know what I’m saying? We was at home, we saw them dumping dog food on the big Uce. It was like, oh no, this ain’t gonna happen again. We got you big Uce. And what it do? We here, we here.”

Reigns then spoke and laughed about how they really sound like guys who haven’t been working. He talked some about their childhood and said it’s time to get ready for work.

“We’re second cousins, but we’ve been like brothers ever since [childhood],” Reigns said. “The road is tough. The road is tough out here and when you’re so used to having a certain security blanket, having your family on the road, it can be tricky when you don’t have them. With the split, with you guy going away, with Truth being on the other side, I felt like I’ve been alone, but it felt really good to see you guys here. Not only backstage, everything, man. So, it’s been exciting, but get ready for work, you know what I’m saying?”

“Hey, we’re ready. We’re ready. Workhorses are right here, we ready,” Jey added.

“The Usos 2020, Roman Reigns 2020. We out,” Jimmy declared.

Reigns also tweeted a backstage photo with The Usos and Tamina Snuka.

He wrote, “New year. New goals. #RoyalRumble. #WrestleMania. #Smackdown. Through all the craziness, through all the travel, you can never replace the feeling of being with family. Now let’s get them boys wrestling!!! [call me hand emoji] #Bloodline @WWEUsos @TaminaSnuka

The Usos re-tweeted that photo and wrote, “Your boys are back. All about family #SmackDown… The Usos are here. #WELCOME”

“Felt good to be back… #SmackDown #TheBloodline,” the brothers added in another tweet.

Tamina did not appear on SmackDown but she did tweet during the return while SmackDown was still on the air. She wrote, “USOOOOOOOOS [love you gesture emoji] [call me hand sign emoji] #Choohoooo #SmackDown”

You can see the related tweets below, along with video of the return: