Jimmy and Jey Uso were this week's guests on WWE Backstage. The duo talked about some of their favorite moments in WWE (Hell in a Cell against The New Day), debuting in Booker T's promotion many years ago along with Ember Moon (then known as "Ying, Yang, and Trouble"), and returning to WWE after being away for the past couple months.

After Jimmy's DUI, the duo was kept off WWE TV, last wrestling in July.

"You know how it is being on the road, it's hectic," Jimmy said. "You almost get tunnel vision on the road. It becomes your baby. It becomes 'What do I need to do? How can I fix that crap? How can I get over with this? How can I talk this way? How can I look this way?' And you put so much energy into this. And I think that's what we were doing. We didn't slow down. We almost got to get away from it."

The former tag champs returned to SmackDown on January 3 to save Roman Reigns from an attack from King Corbin and Dolph Ziggler.

You can check out images of their WWE Backstage appearance in the images below.