Veteran WWE Superstar Alicia Fox took to Instagram this week and marked a milestone of 6 months sober.

She wrote, “Happy Six months #recovery to me! #speechless and still growing! Recovery and addiction challenge forms of #norm but who’s want to mature to ‘normal’ anyway!? keep EXPANDING (OK…. Now that’s a complete thought)”

Fox noted back in late November that she had been “a few months” sober after apparently receiving treatment for alcoholism, which we noted at this link. She said then that she was interested in helping others live a clean and sober life by sharing her own experiences.

The 34 year old WWE veteran was moved to the WWE Alumni roster back in the fall after working just a few mathes in 2019. She made a brief appearance at the RAW Reunion last summer. Fox, who originally signed with WWE in 2006, is a one-time Divas Champion.

You can see Fox’s full IG post below:

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