Becky Lynch was busy this week as she made her rounds at a press conference held at Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles, the home of Wrestlemania 37. ‘The Man’ even took some time away from discussing the event to call out Taylor Swift, in what seems to be an attempt at continuing a feud Lynch attempted to spark on Twitter back in December of 2019.

Speaking with Denise Salcido of Instinct Culture, Lynch said that Swift is stealing her homework as they discussed her song ‘The Man’.

Lynch stated, “Oh ah yes, Tay, Tay be stealing my homework, is that what happened? Is that what happened, Taylor? Wanna give me some credit, wanna give ‘The Man’ some credit? I’ll be in your video, alright.”

This all started when Swift tweeted “When you’re pretttttty sure that if you were a man, you’d be the man.”

Lynch took notice and called out Swift right away tweeting “When you’re prettttty sure that Taytay is copying your homework.”

Swift has yet to respond to Lynch in any capacity, no selling the Raw Women’s Champion, but stay tuned to see if ‘The Man’ and ‘Taytay’ have more words.

Wrestlemania 37 was announced to be taking place from the brand new Sofi Stadium in Los Angeles. Lynch also shared with Salcido in the video you can see below that she was pretty excited about sleeping in her own bed before the event as she has made LA her second home.

“Well the man is coming to Los Angeles but also the man stays in Los Angeles. This is my adopted hometown, I live here so this is only like 15 minutes from my house. It’s pretty exciting because; one, I get to sleep in my own bed before Wrestlemania and then I get to go home and sleep in my own bed after Wrestlemania which is a nice big treat.

“Because if you know anything about WWE you know that we are on the road 52 weeks a year, so when you get that opportunity to be able to come home and then to perform in front of a hundred thousand people, now we don’t have stadiums that big in Ireland, so this is the closest thing. So it’s pretty exciting.”