Becky Lynch On If She'll Invite Vince McMahon To Her Wedding With Seth Rollins

While promoting WrestleMania 37 at SoFi Stadium earlier this week, WWE RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch spoke with TMZ Sports about her upcoming wedding with Seth Rollins. Lynch was asked if she was going to invite Vince McMahon and Lynch referred to some advice Big Show gave her.


"I got good advice from the Big Show, he was like, 'Invite rich people because they get you good presents,'" Lynch said.

The champ then joked about what gifts she'd like from her boss.

"Lots of money!" Lynch laughed. "Lots of money! Give us a few billions. I got my own, but I'd like some more."

After getting engaged back in August, Lynch was asked about when the actual wedding date is, but she was tight lipped about that.

"Stay tuned, 'The Man' doesn't give it all away," Lynch joked.

You can check out her full comments in the video above.

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