AEW World Champion Chris Jericho recently shared an episode of Talk Is Jericho featuring Chavo, Vickie, and Shaul Guerrero all about the late great Eddie Guerrero onboard Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Rager At Sea: Part Deux. Among many other things Jericho shared a funny story of getting drunk with Eddie in Mexico.

Jericho noted a time where Guerrero soiled his own hotel room bed from drinking too much. As the story goes, Guerrero was convinced that their friend, the late great Black Cat, had his way with ‘Latino Heat’.  

“There’s a story. I probably should not tell this, but I’ll tell it. Okay, yeah, yeah, it’s actually not too bad. When we were in Mexico, we would always stay at the Plaza Madrid.” Jericho continued, “so we used to hang out with Black Cat was his name, Victor Mar [Manuel]. He was a great, great guy. Half Japanese, half Chinese. No, half Japanese and half Mexican. He worked for New Japan Pro-Wrestling and he was a liaison to the foreign guys, so he was really tight with me, and Eddie, and Dean [Malenko], and [Chris] Benoit, and all the guys. So Cat was in Mexico and me and Eddie and Cat were hanging out and drank way too much Mezcal. It’s not even Tequila. It smells like an ashtray. It was just vile, terrible stuff. We drank way too much, completely out of control. It’s one of those ones where you wake up in your room and you don’t know how you got there.

“So the phone rings. It’s Eddie. ‘Come to my room.’ ‘What?’ ‘Come to my room, motherf–ker.’ ‘Okay. Are you all right?’ ‘Just come to my room!’ There’s poop in the bed. He goes, ‘look at this!’ I go, ‘oh, dude!’ He goes, ‘do you know what happened?’ He goes, ‘Black Cat screwed me in the ass!’ I said, ‘what?’ He said, ‘Black Cat screwed me in the ass!’ He said, ‘I got so drunk, I passed out. There’s poop in the bed. He must have done that!’ I said, ‘dude, no!’ He goes, ‘call Black Cat right now.’ ‘Hey Cat, Eddie wants to talk to you. He thinks you screwed him in the ass.’ He’s like [laughing], ‘what?’ He goes, ‘[Eddie] passed out in the bed, like, an hour? We just stayed in there talking.’ So Cat comes to the room and he’s super calm and Eddie was furious. He’s convinced that Black Cat suddenly turned gay and decided to poke Eddie in the rear end and I was like, ‘why would you even think that?’ He was like, ‘that’s what happened!’ I said, ‘that doesn’t even happen! That doesn’t happen!’ So we had to sit him down and it’s like, ‘dude, you basically just s–t the bed because you’re too drunk.’ It took an hour to calm him down because he was convinced he was anally probed by Black Cat who was married with five kids or whatever.”

Also, live from the Jericruise 2, Jericho shared a moving story of Guerrero trying to be a good friend to the former ‘Lionheart’.

“One thing about Eddie is that he was very good at reading – I’ll talk for myself – reading me because we travelled together quite a bit. And when I was in WCW for awhile, I was just in a tough spot because I was a babyface, but I wasn’t over. It was before I turned heel. You’re losing all the time and we had a match. Remember we used to do those Worldwide tapings in Orlando [Florida]. We would go basically absolutely insane for two weeks. Drink every night until six in the morning and then go wrestle three or four matches during the day. And one of the matches I had was with Eddie. We were the last match of the day and Eddie was going over in this match. [To Chavo] Do you remember this? And I was just bummed out. And Eddie was always great with me in the ring as he was with everybody.

“I was doing a job for everybody and even my life was a great big giant job at the time to me. But I remember I chopped him and he said, ‘again’ and I chopped him. And he goes, ‘harder,’ and, dude, he had me chop him – because he always called the match – probably 10 times and I was whacking him as hard as I could. Whack! Whack! And he’s not fighting back. He’s the heel. I hit him as hard as I could. And afterwards, I said, of course, he lead me to a great match and after I said, ‘why did you have me chop you so much?’ He goes, ‘because you needed it.’ I said, ‘what do you mean?’ He said, ‘you just needed to get you aggression out.’ ‘I’m not angry at you.’ He said, ‘I know, but you needed to beat somebody up and I’m the one to do it with.'” Jericho cried, “and, yeah, it makes me almost cry right now to remember that. The guy was like, ‘I know my friend needs something, so I will give him something little.’ I don’t know how many thousands of matches we’ve had. I still remember that.”

According to Jericho, McMahon knew Guerrero was going to be the biggest star from The Radicalz within two weeks of the stable’s WWE debut.

“When he came to WWE with [Chris] Benoit and Dean [Malenko] and Perry Saturn and Eddie came as The Radicalz, about two weeks in, I was talking to Brian Gewirtz, who was the head writer at the time, and he said, we were talking about Benoit. ‘We’ll work with Benoit – we’ll do this. We’re going to have you do something with Eddie.’ I said, ‘okay, that’s fine.’ And he says, ‘Vince says Eddie is ‘The One” because at the time, this was pre-Latino Heat. Eddie didn’t have that personality yet and Vince saw it two weeks in. He said, ‘Eddie’s the star.’ I said, ‘Eddie over Benoit, over Perry, over Dean?’ He said, ‘Vince says he’s the star.'” Jericho noted, “and look what he turned into.”

Jericho, whose son, Ash, has recently embarked on his own wrestling odyssey, shared that Malenko, Guerrero, and Benoit would argue about who would go over in a match because everyone wanted to do the favors.  

“I used to see Eddie and Chris and Eddie and Dean, both of them at different times, arguing over who was going to go over,” Jericho shared. “And usually, it’s like, ‘I’m going to go over!’ ‘No, I’m going to go over!’ They were the other way around. ‘You’re winning!’ ‘No, you’re winning!’ ‘You’re going over!’ ‘No, you’re going over!’ ‘Dean, I’m telling you, you’re going over!’ ‘Eddie, no!’ ‘Chris, no!’ They were arguing over who would put each other over because those guys had such chemistry! Take any three and mix and match them. Go watch some of those matches because that style is lost.”

Listen to the show here or via the embedded player below. If you use any of the quotes from this article, please credit Talk Is Jericho with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.